Boole House, Cork

5 Grenville Place
Co Cork


  • NIAH Ref: 20500734
  • Date: 1760 - 1780
  • Rating: Regional
  • Orig. Use: House
  • Townland: 5 Grenville Place
  • County: Cork City
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Criteria for Risk

  • Vacant with no identified new use
  • Suffering from neglect and/or poor maintenance
  • Suffering from structural problems


  • Condition of Structure: Very Poor
  • Level of Risk: Critical


The building is threatened with a real conservation deficit. It is suffering from an acute structural problem that could lead to full or partial collapse, and there is an immediate threat of further deterioration.

This terraced house is prominently sited opposite the North Mall in the heart of the city. The house was once occupied by the internationally important mathematician George Boole during his years in Cork. The house has been allowed to deteriorate rapidly in the last two to three years. The structure is now a roofless shell. The structure is of significant historic importance and require conservation works to prevent further deterioration. A planning permission was granted in 2016 rehabilitation of the shell and a new use.

Updated January 2017: There’s currently a €2.5m investment project ongoing for the renewal at 5 Grenville Place. The first phase (c. €950,000) went into stabilising the building. Work treating woodworm and wet and dry rot was due for completion by April 2017. The restoration works have revealed tessellated floor tiles, 18th century plasterwork and joinery. The scheme is still under construction and due to be completed shortly. It is anticipated the structure will no longer be at immediate risk and can be removed from this register in time.

Recommended Use

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Educational

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