New Geneva Barracks, Passage East

Newtown (Gaul. By.) Crooke Par.
Passage East
Co Waterford


  • NIAH Ref: 22901810
  • Date: 1650 - 1700
  • Rating: National
  • Orig. Use: Barracks
  • Townland: Newtown (Gaul. By.) Crooke Par.
  • County: Waterford
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  • Last Reviewed: August 2019

Criteria for Risk

  • Vacant with no identified new use
  • Suffering from neglect and/or poor maintenance


  • Condition of Structure: Poor
  • Level of Risk: High


This complex has been abandoned for a number of years and does not appear to be maintained and there are obvious signs of deterioration, particularly vegetation growth. There is no immediate danger of collapse but the condition is such that unless urgent remedial works are carried out the structure will sharply deteriorate.

New Geneva Barracks was identified as the proposed site for a planned colony for artisan and intellectual Genevan settlers, who had become refugees following a failed rebellion against a French and Swiss government in the city. Ireland had been granted a parliament separate from London in 1782 and it was thought that the creation of the colony would stimulate new economic trade with the continent. James Gandon, who designed the Custom House, was comissioned to create a masterplan for the site overlooking the Waterford Estuary. The plans for the colony eventually collapsed, however, when the Genevans insisted that they should be represented in the Irish parliament but govern themselves under their own Genevan laws. It then became a barracks following the United Irishmen Rebellion in 1798. The complex is of significant historic importance and requires conservation works to prevent further deterioration.

Recommended Use

  • Community
  • Educational

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