Rustic Arch, Dublin 15

Luttrellstown Road
Dublin 15


  • NIAH Ref: 11361023
  • Date: 1840 - 1860
  • Rating: Regional
  • Orig. Use: gate lodge
  • Townland: Woodlands
  • County: Fingal
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  • Last Reviewed: August 2019

Criteria for Risk

  • Vacant with no identified new use
  • Suffering from neglect and/or poor maintenance
  • Suffering from structural problems


  • Condition of Structure: Very Poor
  • Level of Risk: Critical


The arch is threatened with a real conservation deficit. It is suffering from an acute structural problem that could lead to full or partial collapse, and there is an immediate threat of further deterioration.

A very attractive gothic folly bridge, described in the book Lost Demesnes (1976) as “perhaps the finest of its kind in Ireland”. A circular tower on the south facade has partially collapsed. Unclear if this happened through vandalism or decay through neglect. Some of the pointed-arch window opes at the top level of the tower have been lost in the collapse. There’s no sign of any efforts to consolidate the collapsed section so as to prevent further loss, or no sign of removal and storage of collapsed material; it appears to lie where it fell, or has become scattered over the general area over time. There's also a square tower on the north facade of the arch, which appears to be undamaged. Apart from the collapsed tower there’s an overall sense of neglect to the structure, with deteriorated parapet, overgrowth and other parts of stonework in poor condition. Luttrellstown Castle does significant business as a wedding and recreational golf venue. They need to maintain this important folly.

Recommended Use

  • Conservation

Photograph Credit: Kevin Duff

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