Vernon Mount, Douglas

Co Cork


  • NIAH Ref: 20871029
  • Date: 1780 - 1800
  • Rating: Regional
  • Orig. Use: Country House
  • Townland: Curraghconway
  • County: Cork
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Criteria for Risk

  • Vacant with no identified new use
  • Suffering from neglect and/or poor maintenance
  • Fire Damaged


  • Condition of Structure: Very Poor
  • Level of Risk: High


Vernon Mount is a unique oval shaped, two storey over basement, geometric planned villa built circa 1784 by Henry Hayes. It has a large fan lighted door case leading into oval stairs with columned lobby which is now blocked up. There are painted classical interior decorations by Cork artist Nathaniel Grogan. Once occupied my Munster Motor Cycle and Car Club, it has remained vacant for a number of years. Emergency repairs had been carried out on the roof by Cork County Council.

In 2016 a major fire occurred, gutting the building to a shell with the loss of all of the historic interiors and painted decoration. The U.S. based owner, Johnathon Moss, has to date failed to advance proposals for the conservation of the structure. This building urgently requires new uses to be identified to prevent further deterioration of its character.

Updated: January 2017.

Recommended Use

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Community
  • Educational

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