Climate Change

Climate change is the single greatest threat to the survival of human civilization. It is essential that we act on climate change now.

22nd July 2016

An Taisce condemns the Irish Government’s prominent role in critically undermining the EU’s efforts to tackle climate change. Wednesday’s announcement on the effort sharing decision, “Proposal for 2030 non-ETS Effort Sharing Decision”, signalled the EU’s capitulation to well-funded lobbies and short term interests. Loopholes to emissions legislation were introduced to benefit countries who are unwilling to take the necessary steps to cut emissions in certain sectors such as agriculture and transport.

21st July 2016

An Taisce contributed heavily to the recently published, “Not So Green” report, organized by the Environmental Pillar in partnership with Stop Climate Chaos. The report was compiled to rebut the often-misleading array of claims made in relation to the supposed climate, social and ecological sustainability of the Irish agri-food sector and to challenge the argument that afforestation presents a viable option to offset emissions from agriculture.

19th July 2016

An Taisce, The National Trust for Ireland, finds fault with the Draft National Risk Assessment for dangerously underestimating the threats resulting from Climate Change and urges the Government to upgrade greenhouse gas emissions to a top-priority risk.

13th July 2016

Embargoed Thursday 14th July 13:45

The new IIEA/RDS report on ‘climate smart agriculture’, was launched today by Michael Creed T.D., Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine. It shows that Irish agriculture urgently needs to transition towards producing far healthier food with far lower climate emissions. Farmers must be supported to use less polluting methods that can support increasing biodiversity and water quality.

4th July 2016

In our world today, a majority of our light shines back at us. This is a scientific fact, as increasing light pollution has made it so more than 1/3 of the planet's population can no longer visibly see the Milky Way galaxy in our night-time skies [Note 1]. By letting our excess of artificial light cloud our skies, we have, in effect, created our own little bubble in which our human-centered world is the only world and nothing else matters.

Except, here is the problem; everything else matters.

3rd July 2016

An Taisce's Natural Environment Office and Climate Change Committee continue to produce reports on the interaction between Food, Agriculture and Climate Change:

23rd June 2016

This past weekend, Alannah Ní Cheallaigh - Mhuirí (An Taisce - Climate Intern), in association with An Taisce and the Irish Peatland Conservation Council, put on the Keep it in the Bog! Event to great success. On Sunday, volunteers came together to help block up drains in a part of Girley Bogs in Kells, County Meath. The turn out was double as expected, and 42 volunteers of various ages came out to get mucky and help restore the bog.

Ireland’s Agricultural Sector’s Role in Food Security in the Wake of Climate Change

The growing human population is putting pressure on the Earth’s arable land to produce more food, while this land, and other natural resources are deteriorating in quality and abundance as the human-enhanced greenhouse effect strengthens the negative impacts of climate change. This phenomenon is described by Kanayo F. Nwanze, the President of the UN International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in the sense that, “It is clear that food security and climate change, humanity’s two greatest challenges in the 21st century, are inextricably linked” (UN, 2011).


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