Notice of Annual General Meeting for 2024 


TAKE NOTICE THAT the 76th Annual General Meeting of An Taisce - The National Trust for Ireland will be held on Saturday 15th June 2024 at 11.30 am hosted by An Taisce in the Great Hall at Tailors’ Hall, Back Lane, Dublin 8, to transact the following business: (including special business) 

  • President’s Welcome & Opening Remarks - Philip Kearney
  • Report from the Chair of An Taisce - Stuart McCaul
  • Adoption of the minutes of the 75th Annual General Meeting
  • Consideration of the Annual Report and Statement of Accounts for 2023
  • Appointment of Auditors
  • ELECTION of members of Council
  • Any other business 

The AGM will be an in-person only event. It will not be possible to join online. Registration in advance is required. The quorum is 20. 

Doors open at 11am. The meeting will start at 11.30am.  

You are welcome to stay for the An Taisce Council meeting that follows the AGM. This will include a discussion of the highlights of our programmes and policy committee work for the last year. 

The Annual Report, the Statements of Accounts, the Minutes of the 2023 AGM, and all other documents may be accessed below.

Yours sincerely, 

Laura Segura Gutierrez 

Trustee & Honorary Secretary



Members may review the draft minutes here


Our annual report for 2023 is available here. Members can review our audited 2023 financial statement here


The Board of Trustees recommends that members re-appoint Browne Murphy & Hughes as auditors for the next year. BMH's contract has expired. The Board has advertised an EU tender for a new multi-year contract for audit services. 


  1. Motion on the Composition of the Board 



The Board is composed of volunteers and its size is capped at 11. We have 11 members today. Each of them already has a role. Council would like to recruit an additional trustee suitable to chair the Natural Environment Committee.  


  1. Expand the Board

  2. Keep the status quo

Proposer & Seconder

Stuart McCaul, Chair of An Taisce; Trish O'Connell, Vice Chair of A Taisce

 There are no other motions.


Q: What is Council? 

A: Council is a volunteer forum for coordination and discussion of environmental and heritage policy, providing representation of the members of An Taisce. Council brings together a delegate from each of your Local Associations of An Taisce and representatives of the various environmental and heritage policy committees with the President, Chair and Vice Chair of An Taisce, along with people elected by members at the AGM. Council includes leading academics, activists, artists, architects, farmers, lawyers, and businesspeople, journalists and others with an interest in the environment and our shared heritage. 

Visiting experts give technical talks to Council on important issues, and often seek An Taisce’s support.  

Council further appoints and dismisses the Board of Trustees, which governs An Taisce with senior level experience from areas linked to our strategy, including governance, finance, fundraising, and business management.  

It is an inspiring way to be involved with the organisation. We encourage you to stand for election and participate in An Taisce’s community! 


Q: Why is there an Election? 

A: 33%+ of elected members of Council must retire each year and may be eligible for re-election subject to term limits. There were 12 elected members after AGM 2023. 1 elected member retired this year already. Therefore3 of the longest-standing members must now retire. There are 4 Council positions to be filled by election at the AGM 2024.  

You may nominate up to two people to stand for election to Council. You may nominate yourself. Each nomination must be seconded by another member. If you need help finding someone to second your nominee, please email [email protected]  

Email your nominations to [email protected] no later than 5pm, 7th June 2024. Please copy your seconder on the email. 


Q: Is anyone standing for re-election 

A: The following members must retire and will stand for re-election to Council: 

  • Nick Armstrong 

  • Eric Conroy 


Q: Who else is on Council? 

A: The following members may continue as a member of Council after the AGM: 

  • Stuart McCaul, Chairman  

  • Patricia O'Connell, Vice Chair  

  • Philip Kearney, President  

  • Fr Sean McDonagh, Former President, Meath 

  • Prof John Sweeney, Former President, Kildare 

  • ÉannaLamhna, Former President  

  • Robin Mandal, Speaker  

  • Sinéad Mercier, Elected  

  • Áine O'Gorman, Elected  

  • Kate Carmody, Elected, Kerry 

  • Gerry Crilly, Elected  

  • David Geary, Local Association Delegate, Limerick 

  • Saoirse McHugh, Elected  

  • Rebecca Jeffares, Local Association Interim Delegate, Dun Laoghaire 

  • Miriam Mooney, Elected  

  • Karen Wise, Local Association Delegate, Clare 

  • Geoffrey Clarke, Local Association Delegate, Meath 

  • Liam Murtagh, Elected, Monaghan 

  • Jack O'Sullivan, Local Association Interim Delegate, Westmeath 

  • Damon Matthew Wise Âû, Elected, Clare 

  • Brian Hamilton, Local Association Delegate, Kilkenny 

  • Dr Thomas Muinzer, Co-Opted  

  • Colm Desmond, Local Association Interim Delegate, Cork 




  • Stuart McCaul resigned as Secretary, 25th January 2024 


  • Stuart McCaul elected Chair, 9th September 2023 

  • Laura Segura Gutierrez appointed Secretary, 25th January 2024 

  • Laura Segura Gutierrez appointed Trustee, 10th February 2024 

  • Phil Doyle appointed Trustee, 10th February 2024 

  • Sinéad Mercier appointed Trustee, 10th February 2024 

  • Terri Morrissey appointed Trustee, 10th February 2024 

  • Helen Shaw appointed Trustee, 10th February 2024 


Our Constitution, AGM Standing Orders, and many other governance documents that may be useful to members for the AGM can be accessed on our website here

Booking for this event has now closed.