An Taisce is seeking a 

EU LIFE Project Coordinator 

Part time - 3 days per week - 8 month contract 

Reporting to - CEO 

Salary € 20,400 ( €34,000 pa pro rata) 

Immediate start 

ABOUT An Taisce 

An Taisce is a charity that works to promote environmental awareness and action in the context of the climate and biodiversity emergencies. Founded in 1948, we are one of Ireland’s oldest and largest environmental organisations. We are an independent charitable voice for the environment and for heritage issues. 

Over the past few years, we have been widening the organisation's original mission from ‘the protection of built and natural heritage’ to a more encompassing vision including a focus on ecosystem resilience and biodiversity enhancement as essential to sustain human community and wellbeing. This vision is guided by a commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and an awareness of the interconnection of the climate and biodiversity emergencies. See for further information. 

The Legacy4Life An Taisce programme promotes three different aspects of positive action for biodiversity and climate change. They are… 

  1. Promoting Ponds as Reservoirs of Biodiversity 
  2. Advancing Farm-to-Fork 
  3. Green Communities - Development of a Low Carbon Town Plan 

The successful candidate will manage reporting and day-to-day activities of these three teams, ensuring that all deliverables are met on time. 

Project Coordination Tasks for EU Life Programme 

  1. To oversee the successful implementation of the EU Life project, respecting the agreed milestones and deliverables by exercising management oversight of all activities 
  2. To convene meetings of the whole group at the agreed intervals and receive progress reports. Decisions to be taken on a consensual basis where possible and where not, to vest authority for decisions in the Project Coordinator after taking advice from the Project Steering Committee. 
  3. To liaise with the Project Steering Committee, to be established prior to the kick-off meeting, regarding quality and progress assessment.
  4. Coordinate with team members and stakeholders to make sure the projects are on schedule 
  5. To ensure that the carbon footprint of the project is minimised as much as possible. This will entail a requirement to use public transport where practicable. For visiting remote farms where this is not possible, alternative sustainable transport systems (Train/bus + bicycle, or EV) will be strongly recommended. To oversee purchases along green procurement principles and minimise waste production. 
  6. Operating within set Project budgets 
  7. To consult at regular intervals with a small Advisory Panel composed of appropriately experienced individuals who can offer advice on the direction and implementation of the project. 


  • A background in environment/biodiversity or climate studies 
  • Excellent organisational skills and ability to deliver reports according to requirements and strict deadlines 
  • Ability to work independently 
  • Excellent numeracy skills 
  • Proven experience of delivering results in a team environment 

The successful candidate will have significant experience of managing a small team dedicated to achieving specific project objectives. Familiarity with administrative and financial systems and progress assessment techniques will also be advantageous. 


The An Taisce offices are located centrally in Dublin 8. Remote and blended working will continue to be offered to employees in a post Covid work environment. 

Apply to [email protected]