Please support FIE's Climate Case

7th May 2018

Friends of the Irish Environment have had an international launch of their climate case today in Bonn, at a side-event at the UN climate talks.

An Taisce is asking its members to support this iniative, our fellow campaigners at Friends of the Irish Environment (FIE) have filed an historic climate change lawsuit against the Government, and we need your help to spread the word!

Video clip:

Sign the petition to tell the Government that the Climate Case is in your name.

Ireland’s per capita emissions are among the highest in the EU. Overall, emissions in Ireland are set to have increased by almost 10% between 1990 and 2020. This is way out of step with the big cuts in emissions that the Government itself has acknowledged are necessary to help stop dangerous climate change. It’s especially alarming that the Government is failing to act with the required ambition when the consequences of climate change, like ex-Hurricane Ophelia, are already hitting home. That’s why FIE is taking the Government to court.

The case is inspired by global climate litigation, including a landmark case in which Dutch citizens successfully sued their Government for climate inaction, and is the first of its kind in Ireland. It will be heard by the High Court within the next year and will be building on FIE's milestone establishment in 2017 of a Constitutional right to an environment consistent with human dignity.

Suggested tweets

Dear @campaignforleo, #ClimateCaseIreland is also in my name

  • Ireland has among the highest per capita carbon emissions in the EU, and they’re still rising. That's why I support #ClimateCaseIreland
  • I want Ireland to do its part to stop dangerous climate change. I support #ClimateCaseIreland
  • Groundbreaking #ClimateCaseIreland: @climatecaseire is holding the Government of Ireland accountable for its climate inaction.

It is always good to add to the pressure on the government to act on climate change - seeing as science and safeguarding our future haven't made them swing into action - and this groundbreaking legal case take by FIE is a key opportunity.