Save No.16 Moore Street

13th December 2006
Press Release

The Save 16 Moore Street Committee welcome the Taoiseachs announcement that

No. 16 Moore Street is to be designated a National Monument. After a hard

fought five year campaign, the committee are pleased that he has acceded to

their wishes in declaring the Moore Street /O'Connell Street area a 1916


James Connolly-Heron, committee member and great grandson of the

1916 leader said " It is now imperative that the buildings on Moore Street

are secured and protected. Given the deplorable state they have been allowed

to get into, their future is still at risk unless conservation work begins

immediately". He added "For all sorts of reasons, social, historical and

cultural the Moore Street area should be developed sensitively and subtlety

to preserve and sustain its special character".

Dominic Dunne. ( Chair. 16. Moore St. Committee.)

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