Update on AGM

15th August 2016

The AGM will be held on Saturday 10th September in Tailors' Hall - you should have just received your Magazine, Annual Report, AGM notification, Financial Statements, Agenda, Nomination Forms for Council and proxy-form in the post.

As previously reported, John Harnett tendered his resignation as chair and from the board at the end of May. The council meeting of June 11th decided to appoint Charles Stanley-Smith to the position of chair on a temporary/rotating basis until the next council meeting - where it would reconsider the position of chair.

Charles Stanley-Smith, a former chair of An Taisce, has stated that he will happily work with the board, council and staff to ensure that An Taisce continues to do its best work in these difficult times for Environmental NGOs. Charles states that this situation is to get us to the AGM and in the meanwhile to let us look for a new chair to take us forward from the AGM. He has no ambition to stand as chair after the AGM - he's done it once and has the T-shirt.

Being chair is an important but challenging position and the council decided to create a Nominations Committee which would look for a new chair and new Board members in general, to present to the council in the normal way. It should be clear that council members in general still retain the right to nominate and second officers of An Taisce and people for the board. Current members of the board would attend only as required and not be full members of the Nominations Committee.

Judy Osborne has agreed to chair this Nominations Committee and has created a draft report on how we should go about seeking a new chair. The Board intends to bring this to the AGM.

Previously chairmen, each bringing their own skills, have come from diverse backgrounds: business, academia, heritage, the environment, NGOs,etc. Any links into these sectors could identify potential new supporters and any suggestions will be treated discreetly.

There has been much talk of the 'Governance' of charities in recent days. An Taisce supports the five principles of the 'Governance Code' and signed up last year and is working through the process to complete the code. An Taisce is a type C organisation. More details can be found at www.governancecode.ie

With Best Regards
Charles Stanley-Smith
+353 87 2411995