Green Communities Bridgefoot Street Hop Growing Workshop

Joint Event
Saturday, April 30, 2016
Bridgefoot Street Community Garden
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What: A talk about Hop growing, along with a workshop and demonstration of both Hop seed sowing, and the planting out of Hop Rhizome’s.

Hops are hardy perennial plants that are easily grown at home. As grape vines are to wine, then so are Hops to beer! A great reason to consider their cultivation in community, private, and allotment gardens.

When: Saturday 30th of April 2015, 12 pm to 4 pm (approximately).

Where: Bridgefoot Street Community Garden, Liberties, Dublin 8.

Overview: We will hear a talk about Hops, their cultivation, and use, by Tim Holmes of St. James Gate GIY Garden. This will be followed by a demonstration of the planting out of rhizomes for both Prima Donna and Golden Tassel varieties of Hop. These are dwarf varieties that are far more practical for permaculture, and for urban gardening, than conventional Hop Vines that can reach up to 18 ft in height!

It takes a year to grow a Hop rhizome from a seed. To get the ball rolling we will also hold a workshop for attendees to plant their own Hop Seeds, and take these home for their own gardens. Hop Seeds take a while to germinate, and then won’t be ready for planting out until the following Spring.

Also present will be the Social Hops initiative. This project is about growing local hops for use in local beers. Working with a network of local gardeners the Social Hops project encourages local brewers to become engaged and to collaborate with their local Hop Growers.

As well as providing beer with its beer flavour, the leaves and shoots of Hops are eaten either cooked or in salads, the flavour is said to be delicious. Hops are used as a sedative and relaxant. Sleeping on a pillow filled with hops is said to help insomnia. It is thought that hops tea can alleviate anxiety as well as insomnia, bladder infections and constipation.

If you have any questions or wish to book a place then please contact Robert Moss on 01 4002212 or email Bring suitable outdoor clothing!

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