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12th February 2019

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12th February 2019

0. Oops again - There was a technical problem with last evenings eZine - this should fix it

1. Oops.
Last week our ezine included an item from our chairman and through an administrative/human error (mea culpa) you saw an incomplete draft. The only saving grace is that I can just reiterate the appeal that members may find a way to help sustain the organisation.

If you can make a donation we would be very pleased; Any donation over €250 brings with it additional tax benefits. You can donate online at http://www.antaisce.org/donations or by contacting Susan (Monday - Thursday) at 01 707 7076

If everyone could get just one additional member that would go a long way towards keeping our work going.

Please consider either or both of the above.

Judy Osborne (Vice chair)

2. The Green New Deal offers radical environmental and economic change.
Members may be interested to see a Guardian article from today where Ann Pettifor writes “The revival of the Green New Deal framework (first developed in a report published in 2008) and popularized by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Justice Democrats in the US, is a huge advance for green campaigners, and hopefully, for our threatened species. That is because it has a single radical ask: an ecological and economic transformation of the current system to end our addiction to fossil fuels and endless consumption of the earth’s finite assets.”

3. Data Centres
In a follow up to the piece in last week’s ezine on Data centres you may be interested to see the report in the local Wicklow newspaper. The developer of a data centre in north Wicklow is challenging the planning permission for a data centre in south Wicklow because there isn’t enough energy in the county to support two data centres!

See http://wicklowtimes.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Wicklow-Times-12-2-19-North.pdf

4. (Re-)Setting the “Track” of Irish Climate Action
There is now widespread recognition that Ireland’s response to the challenge of climate change has become badly “off track” and that decisive action, across the full spectrum of societal needs and activities, is needed to address this. An Taisce's Climate Change Committee have provided the following report. http://www.antaisce.org/sites/antaisce.org/files/getting_ireland._back_on_track.pdf

5. The National Trust in the UK have done some interesting work on Places that make us. Its probably similar to what we’d find here and so might interest readers https://nt.global.ssl.fastly.net/documents/places-that-make-us-research-report.pdf