Please help us reach half a million signatures and save the EU's wildlife laws!

23rd July 2015
At the end of May we contacted you about our most important wildlife campaign in decades - a campaign to save the EU's Habitats and Birds Directives. The good news is that the campaign has now gathered over 470,000 signatures, making this by far the biggest ever public response to an EU consultation! The consultation ends tomorrow (Friday 24 July) at midnight, and together with NGO colleagues across Europe we are making one final push to reach half a million signatures. This would send a very strong message: the Directives need to be implemented and enforced, not renegotiated and weakened. If you have not already done so, please click here and take 30 seconds to add your name. This is your last chance to speak out in defence of nature and save these vital laws. Thank you! Additional information about the campaign is set out in this press release: