The Living Land Campaign - Reform of the CAP

Europe’s food and farming system is broken! The agricultural system currently in place is having a hugely negative effect on our climate, environment and society. It is damaging to wildlife, public health and rural farming communities and works for the interests of a few to the detriment of the majority. The farming system we currently have contributes to waste of scarce resources and causes damage to the environment in its contribution to climate change, biodiversity loss, depletion of resources including fish stocks, forests and water, as well as water and air pollution. Meanwhile, disease and death from pollution, poor nutrition and obesity are on the rise. The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is the main driver and broad reform is needed to ensure a better future for farming, people and the environment. The CAP is broken! It’s time to fix it!

‘The Living Land’ Campaign

‘The Living Land’ is a campaign established to support a broad range of organisations and stakeholders who agree that agricultural policy in Europe needs to be changed. The campaign is calling for reform of the CAP towards a smarter food and farming system that is:

  • Fair – for farmers and rural communities.
  • Environmentally Sustainable – for clean air and water, healthy soil, and thriving plant and animal life.
  • Healthy – for good food and the well-being of all people.
  • Globally Responsible – for the planet’s climate and sustainable development around the world.

How to get involved

The European Commission has launched a major public consultation on the future of the CAP in which everyone can participate. This is a chance for all stakeholders to have their voice heard and to tell the European Commission that the food and farming system can and must be changed. Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy is long overdue and now EU citizens have a chance to really have a say in the future of food and farming in Europe.
The Public Consultation is open for submissions until 2nd May 2017 and is in the form of a questionnaire. It consists of 34 multiple choice and open questions. Responses can be submitted by filling out the response form on the EU Commission consultation website ‘The Living Land’ has outlined recommended responses for each of the consultation questions - You can also participate through where five of the most relevant questions for public consultation have been chosen. If you agree with the responses given, all you have to do is fill in your details and click ‘Take Action’.

Who is involved

‘The Living Land’, launched primarily by the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), BirdLife Europe & Central Asia and WWF is a campaign supported by a huge number of eNGOs, NGOs, civil society organisations and stakeholders, who are concerned about the direction the CAP is taking our environment and society. These groups have come together to work towards a sustainable European agricultural policy that aims to fix a broken system, one that protects people, farming and the planet. You can see the supporters of the campaign and also add your organisation as a supporter, on

An Taisce, will be participating and giving a submission to the consultation. We encourage individuals and organisations to take the opportunity to have a say in the future of the CAP, to help ensure a sustainable, biodiverse farming system which benefits nature and society.