21st August 2020

Desmond Guinness, who died on 20th August 2020, is to be remembered as having made the single greatest contribution of any individual to saving Ireland’s architectural heritage, from his co-founding of the Irish Georgian Society (IGS) in 1958.

10th July 2020

The ‘Top 10 Most-at-Risk Buildings’ list is compiled and updated by An Taisce annually. The Buildings-at-Risk Register was put in place in response to the growing number of structures that are vacant and are falling into a state of disrepair. The assessment of risk is directly associated with the condition of the structure and not the external processes affecting it.

10th July 2020

The ‘Top 10 Most-at-Risk Buildings’ list is compiled and updated by An Taisce annually.

10th June 2020

We had reached our sanctuary. Its name was Booterstown Marsh and we were safe there because it was one of Ireland’s treasures held in trust by a noble environmental charity called An Taisce!

4th June 2020

Meath has always had a strong reverence for heritage and the natural environment. This did not get much attention in J. Stirling Coyne’s The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland (1842) but Colonel William Burton who resided at Slane Castle and later adopted the family name Conyngham, founded the Hibernian Antiquarian Society in 1779 to promote Irish ancient buildings abroad.

28th May 2020

In the many years, too many to count, that I have been in Meath An Taisce, I have never ceased to be amazed by the commitment of its members to recording, and striving to save the vernacular features of our landscape. Right back from the time of Mrs Russell, who as planning officer in those days walked many miles watching and recording planning applications and buildings at risk, to our present members, their dedication has never wavered and it will not now.

17th July 2019

The initiative to specifically address the Visitor Experience of the Phoenix Park is welcome, however there are a number of areas of concern, in particular concerning the intrusive impact of modern pavilions on the Park’s historic central avenue, and concerning the overriding problem of private motor-traffic in the Park. In general the Strategic Review is too focused on architecture-led visitor centres and needs to instead place the sensitive historic designed landscape at the centre of the initiative. The Phoenix Park will be a success when it is virtually traffic-free, like all good parks, and facilitating an array of outdoor activities providing dynamic, sustainable and healthy infrastructure for the citizenry while safeguarding the fragility and pre-eminence of its natural landscape character

13th September 2018

The Built Environment unit of An Taisce took time over the summer to review the very popular database for structures at risk, which was originally released in November 2014. In this we are tracking some 120 buildings and structures at risk which were considered significant nationally and regionally and required intervention to prevent further deterioration. While there has been progress in securing certain buildings particularly in the Dublin City area, the majority of buildings recorded remain at risk and are becoming increasingly lost.

31st March 2017

A new National Planning Framework entitled, ‘Ireland 2040’, is currently being developed by the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government. This is intended to succeed the National Spatial Strategy. It will provide a framework for national planning, pulling together relevant Government policies and investment on national and regional development. The focus will be on economic development and investment in housing, water services, transport, communications, energy, health and education infrastructure.


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