Nature alert!

Once in a generation opportunity to save Irish and European wildlife

Vital European and Irish laws protect our most precious nature. Our wildlife and most valued natural places all depend on these rules.

Sadly, right now the European Commission is considering undermining these laws, undoing years of progress. An Taisce considers this to be the most serious threat to Irish nature conservation in a generation.

The European Commission is asking for your opinion and NOW is the time to make our voices heard.

The Commission's consultation asks several questions and we have suggested the answers that will serve to best protect nature in Ireland and Europe. To save nature, all you need to do is fill in your basic details (name, email address, and country) on the form below and click on the button "Take action now", then "Submit answers".

We must act in large numbers now and say with one loud voice that we want these laws to be maintained and enforced, not weakened.

The form below is linked to the Nature Alert website, part of a pan-European conservation campaign in defence of our wildlife. You can view the privacy policy by clicking on the relevant link below. After clicking "Take action now" you will have the chance to review our suggested answers before clicking "Submit answers". This will submit a consultation response to the Commission in your name, with answers tailored to safeguard Irish and European wildlife. If you'd prefer you can complete the questionnaire on the European Commission's website.