The Gull Islands and Rough Island

Islands part of Mulroy Bay SAC
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Rough and Gull Islands
Mulroy Bay
Co. Donegal
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These properties lie in the southern section of Mulroy Bay, Co. Donegal. The Gull Islands are situated close to the western coastline, equidistant to the town of Milford and the village of Cranford.

Rough Island is situated on the Eastern coastline on a latitude just north of The Gull Islands.

Rough Island is one of only a few Drumlins in Mulroy Bay. There is evidence on the Island of human settlement. The Gull Islands are a breeding ground for Herring Gulls in particular.

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The Gull Islands - Dorothy A. Dewar. Rough Island - Naomi L. Overend
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1st February 1989
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