Buildings at Risk - Most Significant 2014


The Buildings at Risk Register is an unfunded project by An Taisce – the National Trust for Ireland supported and maintained by its voluntary members. The Buildings at Risk Register was put in place in response to a concern at the growing number of structures that are vacant and falling into a state of disrepair. The Register provides information on structures of architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, scientific, social or technical interest throughout the country that are considered to be at risk.

While there are hundreds of structures at risk throughout Ireland, An Taisce has sought to provide information on one hundred of the most significant structures at risk. It would be a considerable task to present them all. Although, the level of significance is solely the opinion of the An Taisce, it is largely correlated with the ratings given to these structures in the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. Accordingly, you will notice most structures included will be of national and/or regional importance. Furthermore, the one hundred structures provided are in no particular order of importance and instead ordered alphabetically by county. Inclusion on the Register does not imply criticism of the building owner, some of whom may be actively seeking to restore the building.

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