The Gate Lodges of Donegal


The Gate-Lodges of Donegal Exhibition was promoted by Mr and Mrs David Rowe, An Taisce Dublin; help and advice given by Mr J.A.K. (Dixie) Dean, B.Sc., R.I.B.A., author of Gate Lodges of Ulster. At the time of Mr Dean’s research a considerable number, about 125, of these lodges were listed in Donegal. However in 1998-1999 when the current research took place, many had disappeared and the list is now reduced to 70. This exhibition aims to draw attention to the remaining lodges, their distinctive architecture, state of decay, refurbishment in some cases not very sympathetically executed, ownership and their part of our architectural history. It is felt that many now in near ruinous condition could be restored and An Taisce proposed that the remaining buildings should be included in the Buildings at Risk Project.