Historic buildings, groups of buildings, areas of architectural importance in the town of Cavan

Historic buildings Cavan 1978

Prepared May-November 1978 by William Garner

"This Survey represents the second joint venture between the Ulster Architectural Heritage Society and An Taisce: a similar list of the buildings of the town of Monaghan was published in 1970, and has since been twice reprinted...

This survey deals with all the buildings in the town of Cavan proper, and in its immediate vicinity, but does not stray far into the surrounding countryside. It is not suggested that all the buildings listed must be retained in any redevelopment of the town: a number of eyesores and intrusions are noted; some of these could be demolished or altered with great advantage. Those buildings marked A, however, are regarded as of outstanding merit or importance, and should be retained whatever happens. Those marked B are important, and should be retained, if at all possible. The great majority of the buildings noted in the remaining entries should be kept, with or without rehabilitation, so as to retain the pleasant scale and character of the streetscape of Cavan."