About 64% of Ireland’s land area is used for agriculture, so it’s impossible to overstate the significance of the sector in environmental terms.

An Taisce Submission on Code of Good Agricultural Practice for Reducing Ammonia Emissions from Agriculture

The DAFM have just completed a public consultation on their Code of Good Agricultural Practice for reducing ammonia emissions from agriculture, a requirement under the National Emission Ceilings Directive (NECD). This document presents An Taisce's submission under this consultation.

18th June 2019

An Taisce recognises that the government’s newly published Climate Action Plan could signal a genuine shift away from the token gestures and empty promises of the last decade and a move towards potentially meaningful and measurable climate action. However, An Taisce climate committee’s preliminary analysis suggests that the Action Plan still falls well short of the kind of radical, transformational change that our recently declared national ‘climate and biodiversity emergency’ warrants.

16th October 2018

The EPA has today published a list of the 9 worst offenders in pollution control at EPA licenced facilities[1].

This list again shows that Irish food processing companies continue to be the lead category of EPA licence breaches.

Following the trend of recent years the majority, five of the 9, are food processers, two of which are dairy groups Glanbia and LacPatrick, the others being Rosdarra Meats, Western Brand Group chicken processors and Arrow Group pig meat processes.

4th December 2017

An Taisce welcomes the strong statements issued today by EU Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan at the Food Wise 2025 conference in Dublin.

Commissioner Hogan echoed the repeated criticisms made by environmental NGOs, including An Taisce, when he warned today that Ireland’s dire performance on climate change sees us “sleepwalking towards further EU fines under the renewable energy directive by our lack of investment in the energy grid”.

10th November 2017

The substance of An Taisce’s submission is to climate proof the 4 over-riding goals, the 70 objectives, the 10 points of strategic infrastructure and 8 listed visions, pointing to the inconsistencies and the dangerous impact some of the policies will have on increasing rather than reducing greenhouse gas emissions, on damaging biodiversity and on being wasteful of scarce resources.

2nd November 2017

Agriculture is a significant contributor to Ireland’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and Teagasc has stated that climate targets are “a challenge to Irish agriculture”.

Phil Kearney, Chair of An Taisce’s Climate Change Committee stated “Despite this acknowledgment by Teagasc, An Taisce is concerned that they are primarily concerned with defending the Government endorsed, agri-food industry policy of increasingly high levels of ruminant-based agriculture”.

12th May 2017

The Irish Farmers Journal (IFJ) has just published a seriously inaccurate, factually flawed and deeply misleading article on climate change and agriculture.

The Journal, with a weekly readership of in excess of 250,000, is the outlet most Irish farmers turn to first for information. With that power comes responsibility. It owes a journalistic duty of reasonable care to its readers to ensure that it is not used as a vehicle for spreading ‘fake news’.

4th May 2017

An Taisce made a submission to Aidan Cotter, the Chief Executive of Bord Bia on the strengths and weaknesses of Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme to date. The comments provided in this document are based on years of experience working in Ireland’s environmental NGO sector.


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