About 64% of Ireland’s land area is used for agriculture, so it’s impossible to overstate the significance of the sector in environmental terms.

2nd November 2017

Agriculture is a significant contributor to Ireland’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and Teagasc has stated that climate targets are “a challenge to Irish agriculture”.

Phil Kearney, Chair of An Taisce’s Climate Change Committee stated “Despite this acknowledgment by Teagasc, An Taisce is concerned that they are primarily concerned with defending the Government endorsed, agri-food industry policy of increasingly high levels of ruminant-based agriculture”.

12th May 2017

The Irish Farmers Journal (IFJ) has just published a seriously inaccurate, factually flawed and deeply misleading article on climate change and agriculture.

The Journal, with a weekly readership of in excess of 250,000, is the outlet most Irish farmers turn to first for information. With that power comes responsibility. It owes a journalistic duty of reasonable care to its readers to ensure that it is not used as a vehicle for spreading ‘fake news’.

4th May 2017

An Taisce made a submission to Aidan Cotter, the Chief Executive of Bord Bia on the strengths and weaknesses of Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme to date. The comments provided in this document are based on years of experience working in Ireland’s environmental NGO sector.

12th April 2017

An Taisce have written to all of Ireland's Senators in advance of tomorrows Committee Stage debate on the Heritage Bill 2016. We have asked that take into consideration the attached letter on upland burning in tomorrow's debate. Recent research has been carried out by Teagasc here in Ireland and in the UK in 2017 which shed some important light on the distinction between controlled burning as a tool for vegetation management and wildfires.

5th April 2017

In a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, earlier this week the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) published an article entitled “Selective Misrepresentation of Research by Environmental NGOs Undermines Their Credibility” (1).

30th March 2017

An Taisce, Birdwatch Ireland, Irish Wildlife Trust and the Hedge Layers’ Association of Ireland have fought a long campaign over the last two years to try to change the course of the Heritage Bill. It is far from a bill which will safeguard our natural heritage, but one which would have a potentially irreversible impact on wildlife and biodiversity.

7th March 2017

An Taisce's Natural Environment Officer Fintan Kelly was interviewed by George Hook on his Newstalk radio show 'High Noon' today. Minister Heather Humphreys' disastrous Heritage Bill was the topic for discussion. George Hook is not known for mincing his words and berated Minister Humphreys for failing to fulfill her mandate as the Minister charged with protecting Irish wildlife. He correctly identified that what organisations like An Taisce are up against in this campaign are two of the biggest lobbies in the country - the farming lobby and the Road Safety Authority.

3rd March 2017

Thursdays Seanad debate on the Heritage Bill marked the third sitting of the Seanad on the Bill in the short lifetime of the current government. It is the fourth sitting of the Seanad on this issue. The event was marked by a mass demonstration outside of the Seanad in which An Taisce staff and members were well represented.The event feature heavily in Irish media and was one of the top trending events on Irish twitter that day.

26th February 2017

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