About 64% of Ireland’s land area is used for agriculture, so it’s impossible to overstate the significance of the sector in environmental terms.

1st November 2015

Prof. Barry McMullin, Chair of the An Taisce Climate Committee was pleased to have the opportunity to present an invited talk at the Dublin VegFest (Vegan Culture Festival) on 1st November 2015. The talk explored the nature and scale of the climate change challenge, and the specific role that animal (especially ruminant - cattle, sheep, goats ...) agriculture has in that. Below you will find a downloadable PDF copy of the slides from the talk.

13th October 2015

Near FM Radio interviewed Green Communities on Friday the 2nd of October, and the link to the podcast is attached below.

9th October 2015

In September 2014, Taoiseach Enda Kenny, addressing a UN conference in New York, spoke out powerfully about the looming global climate crisis and the duty of those who exercise political power to act now, and to act decisively.

“The hand of the future beckons, the clock ticks and we have no time to waste…Global warming is a stark reality that can only be dealt with by a collective global response. We are all interdependent and interconnected … we share a common humanity… and each of us must play our part”, said Mr Kenny.

13th July 2015

Saturday the 4th of July saw the first of two July Green Communities Training Events, and this was held at Brookfield Community Garden, Jobstown, Tallaght, South Dublin. The day's main focus saw volunteers attempt to transform a wooden pallet into a flower planter to hang from walls or railings. This was no easy task as the warm sunny day was quite breezy which made measuring and afixing the landscaping material to the wooden planters more difficult.


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