About 64% of Ireland’s land area is used for agriculture, so it’s impossible to overstate the significance of the sector in environmental terms.

12th August 2014

An Taisce appreciates landscape is a complex phenomenon and agreeing on landscape values has become a contentious topic for the government, local authorities, stakeholders and public alike. There should now have been sufficient time for the government and others to reflect on the ‘Celtic Tiger’ era, including the changes it brought to the landscape and focus on how the country will face-up to protecting, managing and planning its landscape in the future.

5th August 2014

Instead of investing in energy use conservation, efficiency and renewable alternatives, the global trend in energy has been to increase the extraction rate of large scale open cast coal mining and extend oil and gas exploration into new areas and introduce problematic new technologies. Energy companies are in an exploration race to secure a level of fossil fuel extraction which is incompatible with the level of decarbonisation required to stabilise global climate at 2ºC average surface temperature above pre-industrial levels.

27th June 2014

An Taisce has made a submission on the new Cork Port application to An Bord Pleanala under the Planning and Development (Strategic Infrastructure) Act 2006. The application is largely a repeat of a previous proposal refused by An Bord Pleanála on 25th June 2008 (Ref: 04.PA0003), for development at Oyster Bank, Ringaskiddy.

13th June 2014

The Environmental Pillar is disappointed​ ​with the​ Heads of Bill published by the government.

Today the Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan published the heads of the long awaited Climate Change Bill along with ​a​ new three page government policy on climate change.

"The heads of the new bill are underwhelming given the huge challenges the country faces through climate change,’ said Charles Stanley-Smith of the Environmental Pillar.

13th June 2014

Minister Coveney needs to act fast to stop impending social and environmental crisis

Environmental groups are witnessing major scrub destruction happening on farms now.
Mishandling of farm payments is seeing some farmers pushed to the brink. Ten farmers in West Cork are considering a High Court challenge to government clawback. The Environmental Pillar is calling on the Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney to take swift action to halt a social and environmental crisis that is unfolding across the country.

1st April 2014

It has been another interesting month in the world of Irish agriculture and An Taisce have been in the thick of it. We have been working hard to communicate the environmental implications of the government’s Food Harvest 2020 plan and are in the midst of making a proposal to government on below cost selling.

12th June 2014

To meet binding EU transport targets, Ireland imported 126 million litres of biofuel in 2013 – some 84% of the total 150m litres used here last year.

That’s according to An Taisce – The National Trust for Ireland, which is drawing attention to the failure of EU biofuels policy to meet one of its key aims, namely, to boost self-sufficiency in terms of transport fuels.

9th June 2014

May brought a number of developments in the realm of Irish agriculture. Notably Simon Coveney has been lobbying the European community to give agricultural ministers more of a say in decision making with regard to European climate change legislation and the national government have commenced the final period of public consultation for the new Rural Development Programme (RDP).


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