The air we breathe is affected by all sorts of potentially polluting activities. Poor air quality leads to premature deaths and huge economic costs.

11th June 2014

A real chance to reduce premature deaths from air pollution

An Taisce – the National Trust for Ireland, is calling on Minister Hogan to support stronger air pollution standards at tomorrow’s meeting (12 June) of the EU Environment Council in Luxembourg.

If EU Ministers agree, citizens will benefit from improved limits on medium-scale power plants (between 1MW and 50MW), and a more ambitious new National Emissions Ceiling (NEC) Directive, a critical piece of EU-wide air quality legislation.

8th April 2013

Poor air quality contributes to 3,400 premature deaths and costs Ireland up to €6.3 billion a year An Taisce has revealed.

An Taisce The National Trust for Ireland has written to Phil Hogan TD the Minister of the Environment and James Reilly TD the Minister of Health asking them to use Ireland's EU Presidency to deliver better air quality for Europe.

"The figures for Europe as a whole are frightening", according to James Nix, Policy Director with An Taisce: "420,000 premature deaths and up to €790 billion in economic costs due to poor air quality".

Climate change and fossil fuel dependence are the biggest and most defining interrelated challenges of our time. We are currently experiencing an environmental and resource crisis that places human development at a crossroads. The consequences of climate change and fossil fuel extraction and combustion are becoming increasingly visible and are being exacerbated by unsustainable economic growth. The effects of these challenges are, and will continue to be, multi-faceted and systemic.


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