Climate Change

Climate change is the single greatest threat to the survival of human civilization. It is essential that we act on climate change now.

5th December 2017

An Taisce broadly welcomes the publication today by the Climate Change Advisory Council (CCAC) of its Annual Review [Note 1]. We strongly endorse the Council’s core finding that Ireland is completely off track in terms of meeting either its near term (2020) or longer-term target of a rapid decarbonisation before mid-century.

In its Executive Summary, the CCAC warns that Ireland will miss its 2030 and 2050 targets “by a very large margin”. It notes that both the pace and scale of emissions reduction need to be accelerated across all sectors.

4th December 2017

An Taisce welcomes the strong statements issued today by EU Agriculture Commissioner, Phil Hogan at the Food Wise 2025 conference in Dublin.

Commissioner Hogan echoed the repeated criticisms made by environmental NGOs, including An Taisce, when he warned today that Ireland’s dire performance on climate change sees us “sleepwalking towards further EU fines under the renewable energy directive by our lack of investment in the energy grid”.

27th November 2017

In December 2015, Ireland along with nearly 200 other nations signed up to its commitment to do our full and fair share to ensure carbon emissions are reduced in line with the advice from science so that global warming does not irreversibly destabilise the world’s climate system.

19th November 2017

We bring you three reports from Professor John Sweeney on the recent COP23 Climate Conference in Bonn. Professor Sweeney is a former President of An Taisce and member of An Taisce's Climate Change Committee.

Reflection on COP23 - Report 1

19th November 2017

Professor John Sweeney has been attending COP23 - He sends us his third and final report

16th November 2017

Professor John Sweeney has been attending COP23 - He sends us his second report

16th November 2017

Professor John Sweeney has been attending COP23 in Bonn and sends us this report.

10th November 2017

The substance of An Taisce’s submission is to climate proof the 4 over-riding goals, the 70 objectives, the 10 points of strategic infrastructure and 8 listed visions, pointing to the inconsistencies and the dangerous impact some of the policies will have on increasing rather than reducing greenhouse gas emissions, on damaging biodiversity and on being wasteful of scarce resources.

10th November 2017

Submissions are due today on the draft National Planning Framework – Ireland 2040 Our Plan [1]

An Taisce’s submission[2] acknowledges the proposals to consolidate development in our cities, towns and villages to avoid wasteful sprawl and promote walkable communities that encourage healthy life styles and civil society.

However, Ian Lumley, Advocacy Officer, An Taisce stated “It is essential that the NPF acknowledges a global environment of increasing climate impact and ecological destruction."

5th November 2017

While Ireland’s politicians have so far completely failed to rise to the challenge of tackling the deepening climate crisis, we have today witnessed the power of the public exercising direct democracy, via the Citizens’ Assembly, in demanding urgent, wide-ranging actions on climate change.


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