Climate Change

Climate change is the single greatest threat to the survival of human civilization. It is essential that we act on climate change now.

16th November 2017

Professor John Sweeney has been attending COP23 - He sends us his second report

16th November 2017

Professor John Sweeney has been attending COP23 in Bonn and sends us this report.

10th November 2017

The substance of An Taisce’s submission is to climate proof the 4 over-riding goals, the 70 objectives, the 10 points of strategic infrastructure and 8 listed visions, pointing to the inconsistencies and the dangerous impact some of the policies will have on increasing rather than reducing greenhouse gas emissions, on damaging biodiversity and on being wasteful of scarce resources.

10th November 2017

Submissions are due today on the draft National Planning Framework – Ireland 2040 Our Plan [1]

An Taisce’s submission[2] acknowledges the proposals to consolidate development in our cities, towns and villages to avoid wasteful sprawl and promote walkable communities that encourage healthy life styles and civil society.

However, Ian Lumley, Advocacy Officer, An Taisce stated “It is essential that the NPF acknowledges a global environment of increasing climate impact and ecological destruction."

5th November 2017

While Ireland’s politicians have so far completely failed to rise to the challenge of tackling the deepening climate crisis, we have today witnessed the power of the public exercising direct democracy, via the Citizens’ Assembly, in demanding urgent, wide-ranging actions on climate change.

2nd November 2017

Agriculture is a significant contributor to Ireland’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and Teagasc has stated that climate targets are “a challenge to Irish agriculture”.

Phil Kearney, Chair of An Taisce’s Climate Change Committee stated “Despite this acknowledgment by Teagasc, An Taisce is concerned that they are primarily concerned with defending the Government endorsed, agri-food industry policy of increasingly high levels of ruminant-based agriculture”.

2nd November 2017

This Saturday morning the Citizens Assembly will consider climate emissions from transport.

In advance, Thomas Earl and James Nix at Transport & Environment, a pan-EU NGO based in Brussels which works to make transport cleaner and safer, take a close look at Ireland's transport emissions profile.

Mapping out the need to cut emissions by 30% by 2030, they explore what can be delivered by EU policy on the one hand, and domestic action on the other. And they offer some insights into what needs to happen now.

25th October 2017

An Taisce welcomes FIE's legal action against the Irish Government on Climate

John Pierce, Chair An Taisce The National Trust for Ireland stated "An Taisce welcomes and enthusiastically supports the initiative by Friends of the Irish Environment to take a Judicial Review against the National Mitigation Plan (NMP) on climate action published by the Government in July last."

7th September 2017

An Taisce has made a submission to Limerick City and County Council on the current planning application for an extended rock quarry involving blasting, at the Aughinish Alumina plant near Foynes Co Limerick.

The proposal is to extend the quarrying of rock for the perimeter containment of increased waste bauxite residue on the site. The proposed quarry site is in close proximity to the bauxite waste deposition site.

Ian Lumley, An Taisce Advocacy Officer stated

The Central Question of Irish Climate Policy: What is (and what should be ) the “National Mitigation Objective”?

This document offers an initial response by An Taisce to the First Report of the Irish Climate Change Advisory Council (3rd November 2016) in which we focus on the formulation of the long term, overarching, National Mitigation Objective. We assert that this has pivotal significance in framing all prospects for effective mitigation action in Ireland in the years immediately ahead.


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