Transitioning to a low carbon future in the energy sector is of key importance globally.

23rd September 2009

From Lara Marlow - Irish Times Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama warns of 'irreversible catastrophe' for climate LARA MARLOWE in New York

WORLD LEADERS have attempted to inject a sense of urgency into negotiations for a global climate change agreement.

“We risk consigning future generations to an irreversible catastrophe,” President Barack Obama told 190 heads of state and government who convened at the United Nations on the eve of the opening of the General Assembly.

17th September 2009

From Áine Ryan - Irish Times Friday September 18th

Shell 'unhappy' with contempt ruling ÁINE RYAN

A DISTRICT Court judge who recently ruled that Shell EP Ireland was in contempt of court was told yesterday the company was “very unhappy” with her judgment and wished it to be clarified by the High Court.

17th September 2009

From John Gibbons - Irish Times Thursday 17th September

Bad effects of our actions felt abroad must be accepted JOHN GIBBONS

As we moan about the hassle of switching to low-energy light bulbs, only one in 12 Ugandans has access to electricity

The rain it raineth on the just and on the unjust fellow; but mostly on the just because the unjust steals the just’s umbrella

25th March 2011

An Taisce’s chairman Charles Stanley Smith said today “We are unhappy that such a decision has been made before the judicial review process of the An Bord Pleanála granting of permission has been completed, however this decision does not affect our case.

Though there are 26 conditions in the MLVC (Marine Licence Vetting Committee) report, we have asked the Minister if these are the conditions that have been attached to this decision to grant the foreshore licence and until we examine these in detail we cannot make a full comment on the impact of this decision.

27th January 2011

Further to the decision by An Bord Pleanála to grant permission to the latest Corrib gas pipeline application , the Chair of An Taisce, Charles Stanley-Smith in commenting on the decision stated: “ An Taisce was very disappointed with An Bord Pleanála’s decision. An Taisce considers that the implications of this decision go far beyond the Corrib gas pipeline and have major repercussions for the status of implementation of European Directives in Ireland. In this instance An Taisce has concerns both in relation to Irish and European Law”

20th January 2011

An Taisce contends that the decision by An Bord Pleanála to grant permission to the latest Corrib gas pipeline application is fundamentally legally flawed on a number of grounds. Chair of An Taisce Charles Stanley-Smith in commenting on the decision stated:

15th March 2010

The following letter was sent to the Sunday Times and printed in their 14/03/2010 edition.

An Taisce, renewable energy and The Spirit of Ireland

Energy security is critically important to the future of the Country, yet currently half our energy generation relies on natural gas which is not only in limited supply but is imported through politically volatile countries. Ireland must also prepare for a future of scarce energy supplies and so An Taisce enthusiastically supports the government target to generate at least 40% of our electricity needs from renewable sources.

17th October 2009

Yesterday we learned that President Sarkozy proposes to introduce a Happiness Index to use in addition to the gross national product as a measure of the success of France’s economy and to guide their future policy.

It is interesting that this comes on the same day that the Dáil begins to debate the Government’s plan to restore liquidity into the banking sector and to set up an agency to manage the national assets that the Government will acquire in the process.

21st August 2009

From Kathryn Hayes - Irish Times Friday August 21st

Recession cannot shade climate crisis, event told

THE ENVIRONMENTAL crisis should not be overshadowed by the global downturn, delegates at the country’s first carbon neutral conference have been told.

More than 200 European delegates have gathered in Limerick for the four-day event focusing on the theme of “Christian Responsibility for the Environment and Investing Care in the Earth”. This is Ireland’s first carbon neutral conference and the largest ever gathering of Catholic theologians in the country.

1st May 2013

An Taisce – The National Trust for Ireland1, has launched judicial review proceedings in London to challenge the legality of UK Secretary of State Ed Davey’s decision2 to grant permission to build and operate a nuclear power station at Hinkley Point in the Bristol Channel, Somerset, 150 miles from the Irish coast.

In papers issued in the High Court in London by lawyers Leigh Day, An Taisce challenges the legal compliance of the decision by the Government with the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive and the UK’s own regulations on transboundary impacts and consultation.


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