Transitioning to a low carbon future in the energy sector is of key importance globally.

10th March 2014

Stand down of agreements to export renewable energy to the UK gives a vital window to address Ireland's energy needs.

In the wake of the announcement last week by the Minister for Energy, Communication and Natural Resources, Pat Rabbitte TD, that plans to export wind energy from Ireland to the UK are unlikely to go ahead in the short term [1], An Taisce has asked the Minister to advance a holistic energy plan for Ireland.

27th March 2014

An Taisce - the National Trust for Ireland - today successfully obtained leave to take its Hinkley Point legal challenge to the Court of Appeal in London

At the end of a brief hearing in London this morning, An Taisce - the National Trust for Ireland - was granted leave to take its legal challenge regarding Hinkley Point C nuclear power station to the Court of Appeal. The case is likely to be heard before the end of the summer.

29th May 2014

A forked approach to collective action

A letter from An Taisce's director James Nix featured today (29th May) in the Financial Times.

Sir, The EU should become a single purchaser for gas, suggests Donald Tusk, Poland’s prime minister (“Europe should unite to break Moscow’s grip on gas”, April 22). Mr Tusk also argues that “Europe should make full use of the fossil fuels available, including coal and shale gas”, adding that nations should not be prevented if they want to “extract minerals”.

12th June 2014

To meet binding EU transport targets, Ireland imported 126 million litres of biofuel in 2013 – some 84% of the total 150m litres used here last year.

That’s according to An Taisce – The National Trust for Ireland, which is drawing attention to the failure of EU biofuels policy to meet one of its key aims, namely, to boost self-sufficiency in terms of transport fuels.

6th June 2014

An Taisce has called on Government to widen the scope of its ‘roadmap’ for the built environment sector. An Taisce’s submission noted the the narrow definition of the “Built Environment“ which is unfairly limited to considering energy use in particular categories of buildings only. The proposed roadmap, under its current scope, will omit land-use and transportation related emissions as a consideration under the built environment.

27th May 2014

Five out of seven EU carmakers are on course to meet the EU fuel efficiency target set for 2021. However, BMW pulls up the rear and needs until 2024 to reach the target based on current data.

12th May 2014

According to figures from SEAI, the number of household energy retrofits has collapsed over the past three years, a trend which must be redressed as the first step in Minister Rabbitte’s new energy strategy, according to An Taisce, The National Trust for Ireland.

The number of homes enhanced under the Better Energy Homes scheme has fallen almost four-fold, dropping from 47,000 in 2011 to only 12,000 in 2013. Similarly, the number of homes improved under the Warmer Homes programme has halved, declining from 20,400 in 2011 to just 9,800 in 2013.

16th May 2014

**By Dorothy Stewart, Green Home

20th March 2014

A UN environmental committee has written to the UK government raising concerns over lack of consultation with neighbouring states regarding the proposed Hinkley Point nuclear power plant. This could play a role in An Taisce's ongoing legal case over the plant.

18th February 2014

Questions over what to do with EirGrid's high voltage power cables continue, with concerns about tourism with the above-ground option, and economic issues regarding the underground option.


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