Transitioning to a low carbon future in the energy sector is of key importance globally.

12th November 2013

An Taisce welcomes this consultation period on the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive and the opportunity to make a submission with regard to same. Please acknowledge receipt of this submission.

20th December 2013

Use of “Roadmap” Rather than Legally Binding Annual Emission Reductions

7th January 2014

An Taisce has considered the Stage 1 Report provided for this consultation period and has identified the lack of integration of the proposal with:

  1. National energy policy (where an over-arching strategy has yet to be drafted and subject to an assessment including provision for a public consultation)

  2. The European Landscape Convention

  3. EU and national policy and legislation on natural and built heritage

  4. Compliance with International Conventions and the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive

3rd February 2014

Thank you for referring the above to An Taisce for comment. We would like to make the following comments which we request the Planning Authority (PA) take into consideration in the finalisation and adoption of the CDP, including the accompanying Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Article 6 Habitats Directive Assessment (HDA). We would also request that the PA make An Taisce known of any further consultation periods regarding the making of this CDP and issue An Taisce with notification of any future proposed amendments to the Draft CDP and notification of the final adopted CDP.

16th December 2013

Thank you for referring the above application to An Taisce for comment.

Given that the council has extended the lifetime of the South Tipperary County Development Plan 2009-2015, in accordance with the Planning and Development Acts 2000, as amended, until such time as the amalgamated councils in County Tipperary make a new development plan for the area(s). It is questioned whether a joint Renewable Energy Strategy should be pursued with North Tipperary in the first instance. In any case, An Taisce provides the following comments subsequent.

13th January 2013

Europe can effectively replace oil with renewable energy in transport without resorting to harmful biofuels, according to a new report by Dutch research institute CE Delft [1], commissioned by environmental groups. The report, Sustainable Alternatives for Land-based Biofuels in the European Union, explores scenarios that recommend a major EU policy shift, prioritising energy efficiency and speeding up the adoption of renewable electricity and sustainable biofuels such as those produced from waste and residues.

15th January 2013

An Taisce, The National Trust for Ireland is calling on the Government, in its role of EU President, to resist the attempts by the Canadian Government to have fuel derived from Bitumen or Tar Sands treated leniently in the EU Fuel Quality Directive (FQD). A delegation from the Canadian Government is due in Dublin on this Thursday 17th as part of a European tour to lobby to have the FQD changed in their favour.

17th December 2012

An Taisce, The National Trust for Ireland, was today granted their application by the High Court for leave to judicially review a decision from the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government to grant a Foreshore Licence to Providence Resources Ltd for survey and drilling in Dublin Bay, in an area about 6 km off Dalkey.

16th December 2012

The Central Statistics Office recently published data showing that 69 per cent of commuters travelled to work by car. This is a damning indictment of the complete absence of joined-up land-use and transport planning that created the 'Celtic Tiger' sprawl. Difficulties in providing public transport to this sprawl means that the numbers of commuters using public transport remains dismally low and is falling. Meanwhile, Ireland remains one of the most car dependent countries in the world.

9th November 2012

While a number of airlines continue to lobby against the inclusion of aviation in the EU emissions trading scheme, An Taisce - the National Trust for Ireland, has come out strongly in favour of the proposal.

According to the National Trust, Ireland stands to gain €3.75m of much-needed revenue if aviation emissions are included and this would have no impact on the most vulnerable in society. Research shows that it is it is the wealthy who fly the most.[1]


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