Fisheries and Aquaculture

We must aim for a sustainable Common Fisheries Policy and an aquaculture industry which ensures that habitats, flora and fauna are not adversely impacted.

1st August 2019

The successful candidate will work closely with An Taisce's Advocacy Unit as an integral part of the Natural Environment Office. Practical experience will be gained in all facets of planning and environmental policy with a particular focus on afforestation and aquaculture licensing.

10th November 2017

The substance of An Taisce’s submission is to climate proof the 4 over-riding goals, the 70 objectives, the 10 points of strategic infrastructure and 8 listed visions, pointing to the inconsistencies and the dangerous impact some of the policies will have on increasing rather than reducing greenhouse gas emissions, on damaging biodiversity and on being wasteful of scarce resources.

7th April 2017

An Taisce are active members of the Sustainable Water Network’s (SWAN) a network of Ireland’s leading environmental organisations working to ensure that policies such as the Water Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive are implemented and ensure the protection to Irelands aquatic environment. We were happy to take part in SWANs All-Ireland Marine Protected Areas Workshop yesterday.

27th March 2017

An Taisce were one of a broad range of environmental NGOs who lobbied the EU ahead of the plenary vote on the European Monetary Fisheries Fund subsidies for new fishing vessels in the Outermost Regions last week. On March 16 the joint letter (with 101 NGOs/OIGs signed up) opposing reintroduction of subsidies for new fishing vessels went live and was sent to MEPs on the PECH Committee ahead of their vote on the amendment on March 22nd.

24th March 2017

In February the Aquaculture Licences Appeals Board (ALAB) adjourned an oral hearing in relation to a proposed salmon farm at Shot Head, Bantry Bay, County Cork. On the back of numerous issues An Taisce have since submitted legal objections to the continuation of the appeal. It is understood that ALAB is seeking legal advice on the issues raised.

14th February 2017

An Taisce made the following submission as part of the Public Consultation on the Independent Aquaculture Licensing Review 2017.

The objectives of the review are as follows:

Having regard to Government policy, the Independent Review Group will aim to identify changes required to the aquaculture licence process and its associated legal framework that will:

25th January 2017

An Taisce is one of two Environmental Pillar representatives who sit on the Biodiversity Forum. The Environmental Pillar is made up of 28 national environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who work together to represent the views of the Irish environmental sector. While An Taisce represents the Environmental Pillar within the Biodiversity Forum, this submission reflects the views of An Taisce alone.


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