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18th March 2014

Heavy storms caused damage to beaches around the country, which could possibly result in loss of their Blue Flag status. The beaches are due to visited by representatives in early March to determine their status.

29th January 2014

The Rothschild Reserves in Ireland: 1914-2014

A new study examining the history of iconic places in Ireland, identified as potential nature reserves by conservationist Charles Rothschild 100 years ago, illustrates the considerable pressures that have been endured by Irish wildlife and landscapes.

27th February 2013

An Taisce welcomes the agreement reached last night by Minister Coveney and other EU Fisheries Ministers to tackle the scandal of discards, which is the current practice of dumping over quota or non quota catches, but notes with disappointment that the agreement fails to match the ambition of the reforms proposed by the European Parliament on 6 February, with an overwhelming democratic mandate of 502 to 137 votes.

12th February 2013

An Taisce The National Trust for Ireland welcomes the news today that Providence Resources have voluntarily surrendered the foreshore licence issued to them by the Department of the Environment Community & Local Government last September.

In their statement Providence made it clear that a transposition error in Ireland's implementation of the EIA directive was the reason for their decision to surrender the licence.

10th January 2014

An Taisce welcomes this consultation period on the implementation of Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the opportunity to make a submission with regard to same.

1.0 Introduction

17th December 2012

An Taisce, The National Trust for Ireland, was today granted their application by the High Court for leave to judicially review a decision from the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government to grant a Foreshore Licence to Providence Resources Ltd for survey and drilling in Dublin Bay, in an area about 6 km off Dalkey.

5th October 2012

Yesterday’s landing of ‘discards’ in Kilmore Quay highlights An Taisce’s concern about the common practice of discarding fish which are too small or fall outside European quotas.

Discards are mandatory under the current EU Common Fisheries Policy, which is intended to protect fish stocks by setting quotas and minimum sizes of fish. Some 38 per cent of commercial Irish whitefish catches currently have to be thrown overboard under EU rules.

4th October 2012

An Taisce believes that the potential threats to Dublin Bay, which is after all Dublin’s most important asset, have not been adequately assessed in the approval of Providence Resources P.L.C.’s Foreshore Licence. This is the first time that a licence with potential major threats of pollution so close to the shore line, has been granted.

20th March 2012

In 2012, the then new chair of An Taisce,John Harnett launched our “The Use of Wetlands for Flood Attenuation” report in Tailors Hall.

The launch was followed by a presentation of the report by authors Lauren Williams and Dr Simon Harrison of University College Cork.

20th November 2009

Melting Arctic sea ice diluting water which puts food chain at risk The Irish Times - Friday, November 20, 2009

HONG KONG – Melting of Arctic sea ice due to global warming is diluting surface waters and this is endangering some species of shellfish which need minerals in the water to form their shells and skeletons, scientists have found.


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