Marine and Coast

18th November 2009

Report urges action on rising sea levels FRANK McDONALD, Environment Editor - The Irish Times - Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HOMES IN Dublin, Belfast, Cork and other coastal cities could become uninsurable unless measures are taken to protect vulnerable areas against storm surges and rising sea levels, according to a report published today. Noting that the Netherlands is spending €1.5 billion a year on adapting to climate change, the Irish Academy of Engineering - a cross-Border body - is urging the authorities North and South to "protect critical infrastructure".

25th March 2011

An Taisce’s chairman Charles Stanley Smith said today “We are unhappy that such a decision has been made before the judicial review process of the An Bord Pleanála granting of permission has been completed, however this decision does not affect our case.

Though there are 26 conditions in the MLVC (Marine Licence Vetting Committee) report, we have asked the Minister if these are the conditions that have been attached to this decision to grant the foreshore licence and until we examine these in detail we cannot make a full comment on the impact of this decision.

27th January 2011

Further to the decision by An Bord Pleanála to grant permission to the latest Corrib gas pipeline application , the Chair of An Taisce, Charles Stanley-Smith in commenting on the decision stated: “ An Taisce was very disappointed with An Bord Pleanála’s decision. An Taisce considers that the implications of this decision go far beyond the Corrib gas pipeline and have major repercussions for the status of implementation of European Directives in Ireland. In this instance An Taisce has concerns both in relation to Irish and European Law”

21st December 2009

Yesterday the Save Bremore group officially launched their campaign to coincide with the Martin Brennan conference at Newgrange. The Save Bremore group hope to highlight the threat of major industrial development to the North County Dublin area near Balbriggan.

12th September 2009

From Frank McDonald - Irish Times Saturday 12th September

Demolition marks last stop at historic Dún Laoghaire pier

The 150th anniversary of the opening of the railway station on Carlisle Pier almost went unnoticed – but for the few concerned people who noticed it was being knocked down to make way for a car park

11th September 2009

From Tim O'Brien - Irish Times Friday, September 11, 2009

Dublin Bay infill hearing adjourned over bias issue

AN ORAL hearing into plans to infill 52 acres of Dublin Bay was adjourned indefinitely yesterday after concern was expressed about the involvement of flooding specialists HR Wallingford.

Counsel for Dublin Port Paul Gardiner SC raised the possibility of an objective bias in the firm’s retention by An Bord Pleanála, as HR Wallingford had previously been retained by the promoters of a new port at Bremore in north Co Dublin.

4th September 2009

From Tim O'Brien - Irish Times Friday, September 4, 2009

Economic arguments should not be part of port inquiry, hearing told

ECONOMIC ARGUMENTS at the core of the Dublin Port Company’s plans to infill 52 acres of Dublin Bay may not be considered by a planning inquiry into the project, An Bord Pleanála was told yesterday.

3rd September 2009

From Frank McDonald - Irish Times Wednesday 2nd September 2009

AN TAISCE has warned that the proposed deepwater port at Bremore, north Co Dublin, could threaten an archaeological complex of passage tombs even older than Newgrange, Knowth and Dowth in the Boyne Valley. The environmental trust was commenting yesterday on plans by Drogheda Port to extend its boundary southwards so as to incorporate Bremore for development of the deepwater port in partnership with Treasury Holdings.

31st July 2009

From Alison Shevlin - Irish Times Friday July 31st

ALMOST HALF of Dublin’s bathing areas contained faecal coliforms in excess of the EU guide limits, indicating a higher risk of waterborne diseases, according to new Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) figures.

The EPA launched an online bathing water quality website called Splash yesterday, supplying information on the 131 designated bathing sites around the country.

12th November 2013

Marine Institute study has been panned by Canadian, Norwegian and Scottish scientists

University of Toronto analysis shows the Marine Institute’s 2013 study is scarcely worth the paper it is written on

Earlier this year the Marine Institute produced a study which sought to downplay the role of sea lice in compromising salmon populations, particularly the survival of wild salmon.


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