reland has internationally important peatlands and wetlands but they are declining and under serious threat. Active raised bogs are in a particularly parlous state, with less than 1% of the historic extent remaining.

15th July 2019

An Taisce Response to Bord Na Móna Confirmation of Shipment of Woody Biomass Material for Burning in Co Offaly Peat Station, as Part of Phased Plan to Substitute Biomass for Peat in Co Offaly and Co Longford Power Stations

18th June 2019

An Taisce recognises that the government’s newly published Climate Action Plan could signal a genuine shift away from the token gestures and empty promises of the last decade and a move towards potentially meaningful and measurable climate action. However, An Taisce climate committee’s preliminary analysis suggests that the Action Plan still falls well short of the kind of radical, transformational change that our recently declared national ‘climate and biodiversity emergency’ warrants.

10th November 2017

The substance of An Taisce’s submission is to climate proof the 4 over-riding goals, the 70 objectives, the 10 points of strategic infrastructure and 8 listed visions, pointing to the inconsistencies and the dangerous impact some of the policies will have on increasing rather than reducing greenhouse gas emissions, on damaging biodiversity and on being wasteful of scarce resources.

30th March 2017

Why are we mad about Mongan Bog? Here’s why!

Mongan bog has the reputation for being one of the oldest, best-preserved raised bogs in Western Europe, and home to an array of flora and fauna. It can be considered perhaps one of the most significant bogs, not just in Ireland but also Europe and globally.

10th March 2017

In late April 2016, An Taisce were alerted by distraught locals in Longford, that one of the last remaining bogs in their community was being destroyed. Without warning two excavators had driven onto the bog and started to strip the surface of its vegetation. This shattered the peace that had reigned on the bog in the intervening thirty years since Bord na Mona had partly drained it.

17th February 2017

An Taisce’s submission on a proposed horticulture facility by Bord na Móna, Naas, Co Kildare, states that the scope of the project includes the sourcing of the horticultural peat from the Bord na Móna owned Allen Bog complex and that the environmental and social impacts in their totality have not been assessed [1].

There are direct parallels between the High Court ruling on Bord na Mona’s Edenderry Power Plant [2], in October 2015, regarding An Bord Pleanála's failure to fully assess the environmental impacts of the peat extraction which fuels the plant [3].

25th January 2017

An Taisce is one of two Environmental Pillar representatives who sit on the Biodiversity Forum. The Environmental Pillar is made up of 28 national environmental non-governmental organisations (NGOs) who work together to represent the views of the Irish environmental sector. While An Taisce represents the Environmental Pillar within the Biodiversity Forum, this submission reflects the views of An Taisce alone.

4th November 2016

Dear Members and friends,

19th August 2016

The Department of Arts, Heritage, Regional, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs (DAHRRGA) is currently preparing its Statement of Strategy for the three-year period from 2016 to 2019. The Departments Strategy Statement for the period 2016 to 2019 ‘will have a particular focus on the key commitments in the Programme for Government and the other Government strategies’.


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