"Bad planning is not a victimless crime," commented Dr. Berna Grist of UCD recently. An Taisce engages in the planning process with a view to having law and policy properly applied, for the good of communities.

9th February 2013

What is the concrete slab outside Dublin City Hall and why is there no consent for it?

Charles Stanley-Smith, Communications Officer of An Taisce The National Trust for Ireland stated this morning “I was walking up Dame Street towards Christchurch and Tailors’ Hall and just gone past Dublin City Hall, when I had a WTF moment. There in the middle of Cork Hill is a monstrous concrete slab – what is it and how did it get there?”.

2nd September 2013

Thank you for inviting An Taisce to comment on the Draft Integrated Implementation Plan 2013-2018. We have the following comments to make on the document to the National Transport Authority (NTA).

General Comments

31st January 2013

An Taisce The National Trust for Ireland asks Ministers Hogan and Varadkar to bring forward proposals to levy charges on out of town retail parking and for that levy to be passed on to car based customers of those out of town centre. An Taisce’s proposal will help level the playing field between town centre and out of town venues. An Taisce notes similar proposals by RGDATA in their report ‘Nightmare on every street, Town Centres, Car Parking and Smart Travel’.

1st January 2013

An Taisce notes the statement today of Ms. Jan O’Sullivan, T.D. Minister for Housing and Planning, to the Joint Oireachtas Committee on the Environment, Culture and the Gaeltacht towards the provision of an Independent Planning Regulator. The provision of an Independent Planning Regulator was a major part of the Mahon Tribunal’s Final Report. An Taisce commends the commitment of the Minister to that end.


For further information, please call:

Charles Stanley-Smith, An Taisce Communications – Tel: 087 2411995

10th January 2014

An Taisce welcomes this consultation period on the implementation of Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the opportunity to make a submission with regard to same.

1.0 Introduction

7th February 2014

An Taisce welcomes this consultation period on the Low Carbon Roadmap for the Transport Sector and the opportunity to make a submission with regard to same.

1.0 Issues for Ireland:

1.1 National Emissions

1.2 Biofuels and Electric Vehicle Use

1.3 Transboundary Aviation and Shipping

2.0 International Actions for a Low Carbon Road Map

2.1 Take European and International Leadership in Negotiations

2.2 Develop Low Carbon Ireland/Britain Connectivity

3.0 National Actions for Low Carbon Road Map

12th November 2013

An Taisce welcomes this consultation period on the implementation of the Energy Efficiency Directive and the opportunity to make a submission with regard to same. Please acknowledge receipt of this submission.

20th December 2013

Use of “Roadmap” Rather than Legally Binding Annual Emission Reductions

7th January 2014

An Taisce has considered the Stage 1 Report provided for this consultation period and has identified the lack of integration of the proposal with:

  1. National energy policy (where an over-arching strategy has yet to be drafted and subject to an assessment including provision for a public consultation)

  2. The European Landscape Convention

  3. EU and national policy and legislation on natural and built heritage

  4. Compliance with International Conventions and the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive

3rd February 2014

Thank you for referring the above to An Taisce for comment. We would like to make the following comments which we request the Planning Authority (PA) take into consideration in the finalisation and adoption of the CDP, including the accompanying Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Article 6 Habitats Directive Assessment (HDA). We would also request that the PA make An Taisce known of any further consultation periods regarding the making of this CDP and issue An Taisce with notification of any future proposed amendments to the Draft CDP and notification of the final adopted CDP.


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