"Bad planning is not a victimless crime," commented Dr. Berna Grist of UCD recently. An Taisce engages in the planning process with a view to having law and policy properly applied, for the good of communities.

14th August 2013

An Taisce was happy to avail of the opportunity to participate in the preparation of a Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) for County Donegal.

The Landscape Character Assessment will provide a framework for the identification, assessment, protection, management and planning of the landscape (and including seascape) of County Donegal in accordance with current legislation and ministerial guidelines, and having regard to the European Landscape Convention, 2000.

16th December 2013

An Taisce welcomes the preparation of a Heritage Plan for County Donegal.

An Taisce would like to suggest the following recommendations:

 Achieving adherence to the Local Authority’s legal obligations under the Habitats Directive and other environmental legislation cannot be achieved without the preparation in tandem with the Heritage Plan of a full Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Directive Assessment.

 The policy recommendations of the National Biodiversity Plan 2010 – 2015 should be fully incorporated into the Heritage Plan.

19th December 2012

Ireland today became the sixth country to be fined by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Ireland was fined twice today, once for not complying with a Judgement on Septic Tanks issued in October 2009 and again for not complying with a Judgement on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) issued in November 2008.

16th December 2012

The Central Statistics Office recently published data showing that 69 per cent of commuters travelled to work by car. This is a damning indictment of the complete absence of joined-up land-use and transport planning that created the 'Celtic Tiger' sprawl. Difficulties in providing public transport to this sprawl means that the numbers of commuters using public transport remains dismally low and is falling. Meanwhile, Ireland remains one of the most car dependent countries in the world.

16th November 2012

“An Taisce The National Trust for Ireland is calling on the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government to immediately appoint an Independent Planning Regulator as per the Mahon Tribunal and for that Regulator to immediately investigate the planning function and competence of Dublin City Council, following the An Bord Pleanála refusal of the Liberty Hall redevelopment.”

Charles Stanley-Smith, Communications’ Officer and former Chair of An Taisce stated today. He added

7th November 2012

An Taisce has published an illustrated ‘buildings at risk’ list for Dublin so as to document the large numbers of vacant or derelict historic buildings in the city, from landmarks such as the Iveagh Markets to the former Hume Street Hospital. The City Council urgently needs to take steps to protect these sites.

The property collapse has left a legacy of dereliction and abandonment in Dublin, where buildings and sites assembled for development are now left empty.

16th October 2012

An Taisce is taking the time necessary to study Minister Hogan’s proposals in full.

In an initial response, the National Trust welcomes the Section 140 planning reform but once more calls on Minister Hogan to implement the Mahon report in full and to appoint an independent planning regulator.

11th October 2012

An Taisce welcomes the decision of Dublin City Council to refuse exemption for removal of Bewley’s signage at its former premises on Westmoreland Street, Dublin 2.

The decision allows only for removal of one stained-glass panel incorporating the Bewley’s name, located above the entrance doors. This panel is however non-original and not of historic or artistic value.

14th September 2012

An Taisce welcomes the appointment of Henk van der Kamp as the independent planning expert to evaluate the internal Planning Review Report (June 2012). An Taisce is aware of the calibre of Mr van der Kamp and looks forward to meeting him so that we can explain our original complaints, which until now we have been unable to do, as the compilers of the Planning Review Report asked the planning authorities for their side of the argument but never contacted us as to the reasoning behind our complaints.

30th August 2012

An article was published in The Southern Star on Saturday July 14th, 2012, in which Cork South West Fianna Fáil Senator, Denis O’Donovan, launched an all-out attack on An Taisce in a speech in Seanad Éireann.

An Taisce has issued the following statement in response to that article.


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