"Bad planning is not a victimless crime," commented Dr. Berna Grist of UCD recently. An Taisce engages in the planning process with a view to having law and policy properly applied, for the good of communities.

19th June 2013

More than €500,000 and 25 months have been wasted as the Department of the Environment drags its heels on the only measure that can restore credibility to the planning system, namely, the appointment of an independent regulator with full investigative powers.

That’s according to An Taisce, which said today that the ongoing failure to seize this clear and simple solution has resulted in a chronic litany of waste costing taxpayers in excess of €500,000 and a series of reports issued over two years that have been shown not to be worth the paper they are written on.

22nd May 2007

There was a time not too long ago that a new site worthy of the designation “National Monument” would have been wholly welcomed by the Minister of the Environment. More importantly its preservation would have been guaranteed.

19th June 2013

An Taisce’s legal challenge to a consent granted by Westmeath County Council for a residential development on the lands of Charlestown Stud was brought to a successful conclusion this morning, when lawyers acting for both sides confirmed to the President of the High Court, Mr Justice Kearns, that the Council had agreed to the quashing of the consent and that the matter was to revert to the Council to make a new decision.

2nd May 2007

An Taisce made number of representations on the Corrib project including objection to the planning permission in 2003, representations to the Advantica Safety Review during 2005 and 2006 and objections to the proposed decision by the Environmental Protection Agency to grant an Integrated Pollution Prevention Control ( IPPC) licence in 2007. The grounds for our objections to this project can be summarised as follows; the pipeline design does not comply with international codes of practice

29th July 2013

Grossly compromising the city’s Medieval Mile would see tourist businesses hardest hit Kilkenny’s reputation as one of Ireland’s premier destinations for history lovers will lie in tatters if a new road is built through the city’s medieval quarter, according to An Taisce – The National Trust for Ireland.

“It’s simply not possible to maintain an attractive environment for tourists and at the same time construct a busy road that would cut key historic attractions off from each another”, according to James Nix, Policy Director for An Taisce.

Climate change and fossil fuel dependence are the biggest and most defining interrelated challenges of our time. We are currently experiencing an environmental and resource crisis that places human development at a crossroads. The consequences of climate change and fossil fuel extraction and combustion are becoming increasingly visible and are being exacerbated by unsustainable economic growth. The effects of these challenges are, and will continue to be, multi-faceted and systemic.

10th September 2013

Ireland leaps to 7th best in EU, up from 14th, as more efficient cars sell better, according to Transport & Environment report

The main findings of Transport & Environment’s 2013 cars and CO2 report pertaining to Ireland are:

30th November 2005

An Taisce claims Wicklow County Council is being irresponsible by proposing to place the drinking water reservoir for Blessington in the middle of an uninvestigated illegal dump site on Roadstone’s land, which is also subject to a High Court Order requiring Roadstone to reinstate an area which they have quarried without planning permission

19th January 2005

Attribution: Dr. Mark Clinton of An Taisce’s National Monuments & Antiquities Committee. For further information, please call Ruadhan Mac Eoin at 086 8146077.

Aughrim: An Taisce notes that An Taoiseach and NRA were made aware by David Trimble and the Orange Order that M6 would damage battle site.

11th January 2005

Attribution: Dr. Mark Clinton of An Taisce's National Monuments & Antiquities Committee. For further information, please call Ruadhan Mac Eoin at 086 8146077.

Motorway plans for Aughrim battlefield site – An Taisce concerned by current plans & urges National Roads Authorities to rethink the M6 / Aughrim scheme.

Aughrim, Co. Galway : Battlefield site where 9000 died in 1691


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