Sewage and diffuse agricultural sources continue to be the main threat to the quality of Ireland’s waters. Under the EU's Water Framework Directive the goal is aim to achieve good status in all waters by 2015 and to ensure that status does not deteriorate in any waters.

3rd July 2020

Microplastics have also been discovered Irish well water samples and in mains water.

Significant Water Management Issues in Ireland - A Submission by An Taisce

The Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (DHPLG) has published a document outlining the Significant Water Management Issues for the third River Basin Management Plan for Ireland for public consultation.

An Taisce welcomes the opportunity to comment on Significant Water Management Issues in Ireland and has made the attached submission.

7th August 2020

A swimming ban is in place across north and west Clare due to increased bacterial levels in the water. This is likely a result of intense rainfall causing runoff from farmland and septic tanks to enter local rivers which then discharge their pollution load into the affected coastal waters.

22nd June 2020

An Taisce has written today to Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Richard Bruton TD on the eve of what may be his final EU Environment Council meeting.

30th April 2020

An Taisce has made a submission to the public consultation on the Draft National Marine Planning Framework published by the Department of Housing Planning and Local Government. The draft marine planning framework in its current form is simply a business-as-usual approach, one which facilitates continued overfishing, ecologically damaging aquaculture, continued oil and gas exploration, and port expansion based on the continued growth of unsustainable imports. In failing to fully integrate and prioritise biodiversity and climate concerns it is failing to chart a sustainable way forward.

30th April 2020

An Taisce has made a submission to the public consultation on the Draft National Marine Planning Framework published by the Department of Housing Planning and Local Government.

10th November 2017

Submissions are due today on the draft National Planning Framework – Ireland 2040 Our Plan [1]

An Taisce’s submission[2] acknowledges the proposals to consolidate development in our cities, towns and villages to avoid wasteful sprawl and promote walkable communities that encourage healthy life styles and civil society.

However, Ian Lumley, Advocacy Officer, An Taisce stated “It is essential that the NPF acknowledges a global environment of increasing climate impact and ecological destruction."

7th September 2017

An Taisce has made a submission to Limerick City and County Council on the current planning application for an extended rock quarry involving blasting, at the Aughinish Alumina plant near Foynes Co Limerick.

The proposal is to extend the quarrying of rock for the perimeter containment of increased waste bauxite residue on the site. The proposed quarry site is in close proximity to the bauxite waste deposition site.

Ian Lumley, An Taisce Advocacy Officer stated

2nd September 2017

On Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that no effective progress has been made in meeting EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) targets to improve the quality of Irish rivers, lakes and estuaries, Note [1]

We have failed to meet the overall 13% improvement proposed for the 2010 -2015 period and there is little change in water bodies in an unhealthy state: at 43% from 45% for Irish rivers, the 54% figure for lakes unchanged, and estuaries marginally unchanged to 69% from 70%.

19th April 2017

In May 2016, the Commission launched the Environmental Implementation Review (EIR), an analysis over a period of two years aimed at improving the implementation of existing EU environmental policy and legislation. As a first step, the Commission drafted reports on the 28 member states, in order to identify environmental challenges and opportunities. The aim in producing these reports has been to bring about communication over common environmental challenges within the EU and also the best ways to address major issues in implementation.


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