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As the urgency to address climate change grows, it's crucial to support organizations committed to promoting sustainable transportation and reducing carbon emissions. An Taisce is dedicated to advocating for less polluting modes of travel, such as active transport, public transport, rail, and sea transport. While we discourage flying, particularly short-haul flights where less carbon-intensive alternatives exist, we recognize that in some cases, there may be no realistic alternative to air travel. However, reducing air travel can significantly contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions from transport. 

Our Mission: 

An Taisce, Ireland's foremost environmental organization, has been at the forefront of advocating for sustainable development and combating climate change since 1948. Our mission is to protect Ireland's natural heritage and promote environmentally responsible practices. Central to our mission is the promotion of less polluting modes of transportation and the reduction of carbon emissions from the aviation sector. 

Why Donate? 

Your donations play a crucial role in supporting our efforts to promote sustainable transport and reduce air travel emissions. Here's how your contribution can make a difference: 

1. Advocacy for Sustainable Transport: With your support, our Advocacy staff can lobby for policies that prioritize less-polluting modes of transportation, such as active transport, public transport, rail, and ferry. Your donations enable us to advocate for infrastructure improvements and incentives to encourage people to choose greener travel options. 

2. Raising Awareness: Your donations fund our campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the environmental impact of air travel and promoting alternatives. By informing the public about the carbon footprint of flying and highlighting less carbon-intensive transportation options, we can encourage individuals to make more sustainable travel choices. 

3. Challenging Offset Schemes: An Taisce remains critical of offsetting schemes offered by airlines, which claim to neutralize the carbon footprint of flights through investments in projects like tree planting and renewable energy, often in countries in Global South and often with very detrimental impacts on local communities. Your donations enable us to challenge the effectiveness and equity of these schemes and advocate for more meaningful measures to reduce aviation emissions. 

How to Donate: 

Supporting An Taisce's efforts to promote sustainable transport is easy. You can make a donation online through our secure link below. Whether it's a one-time donation or a recurring contribution, every donation helps us advance our mission of combatting climate change and protecting the environment.  

Join Us Today: 

Climate change requires collective action, and your support is crucial in driving positive change. By donating to An Taisce, you become part of a movement dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation and reducing air travel emissions. Together, we can build a more sustainable future for Ireland and the planet. Join us today in the fight against climate change by making a donation to An Taisce. 


Thank you for considering a donation to An Taisce. Your support enables us to continue advocating for sustainable transportation solutions and reducing the environmental impact of air travel. Together, we can work towards a greener, more sustainable future. Donate today to the An Taisce Air Travel Fund and be a part of the solution. 

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