Our work is made possible by the dedication of hundreds of thousands of volunteers and supporters.

As a membership-based charity, annual fees from members fund An Taisce's most critical work. If you have not done so already, please join An Taisce as a member now. 

In recent years, our mission has relied heavily on legacies and donations from passionate individuals and families. 

Whenever An Taisce has to resort to the courts to protect the environment, the legal services are donated to An Taisce by FP Logue LLP solicitors along with barristers on a pro bono or on a cost recovery basis. 

An Taisce receives a Core Funding Grant from the Irish Environmental Network (IEN).

Our Cycling Officer is funded by Dublin Cycling Campaign and Cycling Ireland, among others.

An Taisce's education programmes are funded largely by the Government of Ireland through government departments, agencies and local authorities. The largest of these grant-making agencies by far are the National Transport Authority, the Department of the Environment, and the Department of Housing.

You can read the detail of the sources and uses for our funding in our annual reports

Please join An Taisce as a member today. 

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