Carbon Budgets - An Education

This week the Joint Committee on Environment and Climate Action got an education on Carbon Budgets and a reality check on how Ireland must act now and not kick the can down the road. Read more

Highlights of 2021

Can you believe 2021 is nearly over? From marches to planning submissions to welcoming new fox cubs, it's been a busy year at An Taisce! Check out some of our 2021 highlights. Read more

Rattoo, County Kerry: Monuments and Landscape

In our latest blog, Dr. Mark Clinton gives an insight into a Round Tower in exceptional condition at Rattoo, County Kerry, including its unique position as being the only known example of a Round Tower in Ireland featuring a mysterious Sheela-na-gig carving. Read more

ERASMUS+ Learning and Training in Lithuania

After a hiatus of almost two years, the Erasmus+ project that is part of through our partnership with An Taisce Green Schools, recommenced with a training and learning tour of Lithuania in the middle of November. In this article, Dr. Damien Ó Tuama, National Cycling Coordinator with and An Taisce, reflects on the visit and on reconnecting with a wonderful team of advocates from the four participating countries. Read more

Cycling for Change

Yesterday, Dr. Damien Ó Tuama, National Cycling Coordinator with and An Taisce presented at the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Environment and Climate Action on the topic of electric vehicles. Read how bikes are critical to the decarbonisation of transport. Read more

Long Read: Reflections on COP 26 and Future Challenges

An Taisce President, Sean McDonagh, reflects on COP26 and the future challenges of climate change in this in-depth long read. Read more

COP26: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

A draft agreement contained very progressive sentiments and led to hopes that Glasgow would indeed represent a sea-change in tackling climate change. Prof John Sweeney's final report from COP26. Read more

COP26: The End of Week 1

For those not privileged enough to be accredited with the ‘access all areas’ Party badge, the main attraction of the COP is the opportunity to visit the various national and climate organisation pavilions. Read Prof. John Sweeney's latest report from CO26. Read more

COP26: The Opening Days

The first few days of a COP is all about finding one’s way around the labyrinth of locations designed to cope with a meeting of 195 countries, each with its own agenda and priorities. For the host country their logistics end at the point at which delegates enter the building. Read Prof. John Sweeney's first impressions of COP26. Read more

Shannon LNG - Have Your Say

This is the last week to have your say on the Shannon LNG planning application! This proposal to import liquified natural gas into Ireland is completely at odds with Ireland’s climate obligations and the need to address the climate emergency. Read more

I Live Here

We all know that WE have to change to address the climate and biodiversity emergencies. Individuals, communities, business, government – EVERYONE. By working together, creating a vision that we can share we WILL change the world. Theresa O’Donohoe, Change maker and mother of 5 living in the west of Ireland, explores her vision for the village she lives in for International Day of Rural Women. Read more