Cork, Here I Come!

An Taisce member Eric Conroy discusses his experience of cycling around Cork City and attending a marine conference. Read more

Nitrates Action Programme – Judicial Review Explainer

It’s easy to focus on the behaviour of individual farmers but that would be wrong. The root cause is a failure of leadership and vision. Read more

COP28: See Through the Spin

And then the Saudis send in their lawyers. A comma here, a semi-colon there and the whole meaning of a sentence is changed. Read more

COP28: Fossils and Fossil Fuels

COP seems to be largely restricted to reducing methane from oil and gas flaring, rather than from livestock. Ireland’s Minister for Agriculture has arrived and will meet civil society groups tomorrow where the COP theme focus will be on agriculture and food. It should be interesting given that Ireland emits 3.7 times as much methane per capita as the average EU citizen. Read more

Will You Meet Me on Clare Island?

Join Eric Conroy on the beautiful Clare Island, as he participated in An Taisce's group trip in celebration of Praeger's survey of the idyllic island. Read more

Another Tale of Two Cities

In this latest blog, travel with Eric as he cycles through Europe! Read more

The Good Life on Two Wheels

In his latest blog, Eric Conroy makes a comprehensive argument for the benefit of cycling in Ireland! Read more

Further Education & Climate: Insights from our Advocates

Some of our advocates have engaged in some fascinating higher education programmes recently. In this blog, Katlyne Armstrong & Theresa O'Donoghue give insight in to the Masters' Programmes they recently completed. Read more