Look. We heard it. You heard it. We know this climate news is hard to face. While the climate and biodiversity crises are urgent, and while we may be fraught with fear and anxiety, let's not forget our love of this earth, our collective capability, and the solutions that lie before us. 

From oceans and beaches to forests and rolling hills, and the wildlife that lives in the nooks and crannies of these ecosystems, our natural world is truly extraordinary. Our small, yet resourceful island, and our global community is relying on us to change course. 

Just last month, many of us working from home offices or working outdoors struggled to find relief during the heatwave. These events are now expected to become more frequent and more extreme. No one will be untouched; we need to act not only for Ireland but for those bearing the heaviest burden of climate change across the world.

Hope pushes us forward.

Let’s collectively build the world we want for ourselves and future generations to experience. An Taisce envisions a vibrant, livable and sustainable Ireland that benefits us all. This vision includes sustainable planning and policy so that communities and nature thrive long-term. Together, we can organise, mobilise and activate the possibility into reality.

We cannot take action on climate change in a vacuum. We must ensure that actions address and dismantle the profound inequalities in Ireland, and across the world. We must be audacious and bold. We must unpack, learn, and grow as we fight for change. We demand a future for every single one of us. 

Collective power should never be underestimated. When people band together change is ignited. 

“This generation can make the systemic changes that will stop the planet warming, and create a world of peace, prosperity and equity. Climate change is here now, but we are also here now. And if we don't act, who will?”

- Inger Anderson, Executive Director of the UNEP, opening remarks at the IPCC Press Conference 

What you can do

  • Join An Taisce and other groups fighting for climate justice - like our friends in the Irish Environmental Network and Stop Climate Chaos.

  • Tell your TDs you want meaningful and immediate action on climate issues. https://www.whoismytd.com/

  • Read, learn, and talk more about climate change and climate justice with your friends and family. See resources below.


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350.org The People’s Fight: How We Halt the Climate Crisis

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The latest IPCC report explained in 7.5 minutes

Help us to preserve Ireland's rich heritage, protect
 our beautiful nature, and slow climate change. 

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