Sean McDermott Street
Dublin 1


  • NIAH Ref: 50011152
  • Date: 1840 - 1860
  • Rating: Regional
  • Orig. Use: Church/Chapel
  • Townland: Sean McDermott Street
  • County: Dublin City
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  • Last Reviewed: August 2019

Criteria for Risk

  • Suffering from neglect and/or poor maintenance


  • Condition of Structure: Poor
  • Level of Risk: Moderate


This solitary fascade is showing obvious signs of deterioration such as vegetation growth. There are concerns that the structure could suffer further decay leading to more serious problems.

The original building was built for a Presbyterian congregation to the design of a Scottish architect circa 1830, with a small but monumentally proportioned four-columned Doric granite portico with extremely correct use of Grecian motifs. The portico is flanked by wings with severe tapering stone door cases. The church became redundant in the early 20th century and was subsequently used as a grain store. By the 1980s it was vacant and suffered a fire at this time resulting in the loss of the original roof and the subsequent demolition of the main body of the church behind the entrance wall and portico. Failure to provide new flashings and capping on the front wall and around the portico resulted in serious water saturation affecting the stonework. Repair and incorporation of facade within new mixed-use scheme on the 'Convent Lands' site approved 2009 (Refs. 1174/08 / PL29N.231624). With the approved scheme unlikely to proceed in the near future action needs to be taken to arrest further weather damage and deterioration of the stonework.

Recommended Use

  • Conservation

Photograph Credit: Kevin Duff