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Guided Nature Walk; Beach and the Intertidal Zone Marble Hill
Local Association Event
25th June 2019
Marble Hill Car Park (opposite the Shandon Hotel) at 7p.m..

Marble Hill near Creeslough. Explore the Beach and the Intertidal Zone - Where the Sea Meets the Shore Tues June 25th at 7pm Guide: Aengus Kennedy, Nature NorthWest

The Intertidal Zone is the space between the low and high tide marks. It can be rocky or sandy. Life in this zone is adapted to a life of harsh extremes – it is a tough place for life to survive and has many very interesting and unusual life forms. If you wish to get in the rock pools and water bring wellies (or paddle in your bare feet) and bring a small net if you have one.

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13th July 2019
Meet at the Car Park between the Beach and the Airport 11 a.m.