Membership of this committee is open to any member of the Board with the exception of officers of the Board, together with the Office Manager (who will attend all meetings unless unavailable) and the Advocacy Officer.

There shall be a quorum of three, including the office manager.


The chairman of the Board may attend however if not available should circulate a note, drawn up in liaison with the office manager, prior to each meeting to highlight current issues that need attention.


Meetings will take place weekly in The Tailors’ Hall. Members may attend in person or via online video/audio conferencing.


The role of the committee is to deal with executive matters that arise each week. This is intended to deal with urgent issues that may arise during the week that are beyond the authority of the Office manager, cannot wait for a full Board meeting or which are not of sufficient strategic importance to require the full Board input.

A full list of executive and non-executive functions will follow.

Reporting and communications.

The Office Manager will provide a summary to the Board of matters covered and any decisions taken each week. Where necessary outstanding matters can be brought to the monthly Board meeting.

Terms of reference approved in 2017.