Hedgerows are immensely important in Ireland for many reasons, including supporting wildlife, aiding in carbon sequestration and alleviating air pollution, as well as mitigating impacts from flooding and wind. To learn more, we recommend this document from The Heritage Council, Conserving Hedgerows.

Per the Wildlife Act 1976 (as Amended, 2000) hedge cutting is banned from 1 March to 31 August every year, unless exempted for reasons such as health and safety. Please report illegal hedge cutting to Gardai and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Including photos or videos as evidence is best if possible. Visit Irish Wildlife Trust and the Hedge Laying Association of Ireland for more information. 

If you believe hedgerows have been cut, removed, or destroyed as a result of wider unauthorised development, also contact the local county council. Please provide full details of the area of concern, including location and photos if possible. 

If you believe that more than 500 metres of hedgerow or field boundary has been removed, please contact An Taisce at [email protected] and provide us with precise location details and photos if possible.