Sunday's Well Road
Co Cork


Criteria for Risk

  • Vacant with no identified new use
  • Suffering from neglect and/or poor maintenance
  • Suffering from structural problems
  • Fire damaged


  • Condition of Structure: Very Poor
  • Level of Risk: High


The building is threatened with a real conservation deficit. It is suffering from an acute structural problem that could lead to full or partial collapse, and there is an immediate threat of further deterioration. The impressive Italian gothic redbrick institutional complex designed by George Ashlin, circa 1890. Occupies prominent elevated site in Sunday’s Well with views over wide area of Cork City. The building has suffered serious fire damage with destruction of chapel to the rear. Major intervention now required to
secure the structure. The structure is of significant historic importance and requires conservation works and a new use identified to prevent further deterioration.

Moneda Developments Limited, a Dundalk-based company, was recently granted planning permission by An Bord Pleanála for 182 apartments on the site. The property was since put on sale in May 2019 for €6.75 million. No works have been carried out on site.

Recommended Use

  • Residential
  • Community

Photograph Credit: The Examiner