Membership of the committee is open to members of An Taisce who have requested or been invited to join it, and to non-An Taisce members by invitation. Officers of An Taisce are members of the Natural Environment Committee ex-officio, as is the Natural Environment officer/s.

The duration of membership is for one year commencing at or shortly after the An Taisce AGM. Members may be re-elected annually and the maximum number of members is unlimited.


The chair of the Natural Environment Committee will be appointed by Council of An Taisce at its first meeting following each AGM. The chair may be re-appointed for a period not exceeding three years consecutively.


The committee will meet not less than four times annually, normally in proximity to Council meetings. Five members present will constitute a forum, motions will be carried by simple majority and the chair will have a casting vote. Minutes will be recorded by a secretary elected by the committee or in the absence of a secretary by the chair.


The Natural Environment Committee is a Policy Subcommittee of Council. The role of the Natural Environment Committee is to develop policies on matters relating to the natural environment for consideration by Council; and to consider issues relating to the natural environment where An Taisce has been invited or expected to provide a response. This will include public consultations, developments and planning matters that impinge on the natural environment; activities that could impact adversely on designated protected areas; on wildlife, biodiversity, habitats, waterways and seacoasts; on air and soil quality; visual and other sensory impacts; and any other impacts that would reasonably be considered as affecting the natural environment.

Reporting and communications

The chair of the Natural Environment Committee will report to Council and the Board on the transactions of the committee meetings. This may be done verbally, in writing or by email. All communications to the general public will be done through the An Taisce Public Affairs Officer designated by Council. Communications to members of the committee will be by email or any other methods agreed by the members.

Communication to the wider An Taisce membership will be done through the An Taisce magazine or eZine without reference to the Public Affairs Officer unless it is felt prudent to do so. Information for the general public as well as the membership will be made available on the website under the NE link/s.

Natural Environment office

The NE office consists of the natural environment officer and any other permanent or contracted NE specialists employed by An Taisce.

The Natural Environment officer/s will meet with the Natural Environment Committee on at least two occasions annually, when work plans and projects will be reviewed.


It will be an objective of the Natural Environment office to complete at least three projects annually on policy or research issues. These may be in response to events or decided on a proactive basis. The communication of outcomes, reports, results and suchlike will be prioritized for communication to members, media, the public and others through the arrangements described above.

Revised 12th April 2014.