Prior to Friday 9th July, the Climate Bill currently before the Oireachtas was a positive and highly significant step forward for climate action in Ireland and toward the achievement of our binding climate commitments. However, last minute amendments made to the Bill on Friday seriously undermined it scientifically and democratically.

Following criticism and questions regarding these amendments, Minister Eamon Ryan admitted on Tuesday evening (13th July) that there was a drafting oversight in the original Bill. Crucially, this error undermines the credibility of the problematic amendments proposed on Friday. 

The Minister has now said he will attempt to address this, and we await the publication of a further Government amendment to the Bill. It is our hope that this will take the radical steps needed to correct the error rather than making simple cosmetic changes. Full removal of the Friday amendments would be optimal, but in any event, we would strongly emphasise the need for the Bill to legally ensure that:

  1. accepted scientific methodologies from the UNFCCC and the EU determine the way emissions and removals are counted; and that
  2. the Climate Change Advisory Council is free to make their proposals based on the science following the UN and EU obligations as already acknowledged throughout the rest of the Bill.

We will comment on the forthcoming amendment when it is published.