As Ireland’s National Trust, An Taisce’s statutory role requires it to comment on individual planning applications that significantly impact the environment. The charity’s overall mission is to enhance water quality, climate action, the protection of biodiversity and food security, access to environmental justice, and environmental education for all of Irish society. A key part of this mission is upholding civil society’s right to use democratic structures and judicial processes for the common good.

Glanbia recently announced that it plans to temporarily curtail milk supply in mid-summer 2022. They ascribe their decision to legal action taken by An Taisce as part of the planning process for a large cheese factory in Co. Kilkenny, a joint venture between Glanbia and Dutch dairy processor Royal A-ware, that was proposed to operate from the end of 2022. This has led to calls for An Taisce to withdraw the case.

Out of respect for the court and the ongoing legal proceedings, An Taisce will not make any further comment on the case until the matter is decided. An Taisce remains fully committed to its mission.