An Taisce welcomed the introduction by Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett of a bill to prohibit Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) for both gas and oil in Ireland and in its territorial waters. The Bill was developed jointly by An Taisce, Friends of the Earth, and Deputy Boyd Barrett.

“This is a climate friendly measure” said Attracta Uí Bhroin - Vice Chair of An Taisce.

She went on to say:
“This bill will prohibit any minister or state agency, or any body acting on behalf of the state from issuing licenses or permission for Fracking or exploration within the state. It will also prohibit the processing or disposal of fracking waste within the state.”

"We recently made commitments in Paris to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and it would be acting against all of these commitments to even contemplate fracking to happen in Ireland."

"Fracking is one of the most destructive methods of obtaining gas. Not only does it lay waste to land and scar the countryside but it is it highly carbon intensive and generates millions of litres of polluted water and waste materials - even when operated properly."

"Given the nature of the environmental and regulatory concerns there are with fracking, it is vital that we have a clear and unequivocal prohibition on fracking."

"Following the Paris climate agreement - this Bill will show Ireland is committed to a major re-think on energy."


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The Bill will prohibit the issuing of licences to frack or explore for gas in Ireland and its Seas. It will also prohibit the disposal of fracking waste. Fracking is second only to tar-sands in the amount of destruction and damage that is done to land in the production of oil or gas. Although fracking is short-term as the gas is exhausted within 7-8 years, fracking leaves a permanent scar on the landscape.